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Monday, October 24, 2011

What do apples have to do with prepping?

First off, forgive me for my lack of prep blogging. This has been a crazy year with things like my oldest in Afghanistan, my mothers illness then death, two teens graduating, crossing the country twice, my father-in-law kind of moving in, my husbands issues and surgery all have been contributing factors to life and not posting.

Secondly, I plan on posting more of my day to day life which is no longer a life of one of a prepper, as I have changed over the years. Instead I have been transformed to a life that many will never understand, and others, perhaps like you will read and nod, or aspire to do as my life is the life of a blending of long ago skills with modern innovation...which will be coming soon to a more regularly scheduled weekly format.

For now I wish to share that I have been researching Kimchi.

The apples are what I put in some batches of Kimchi.

I am going to dive in more and share about Kimchi and how I use it in my life and the farm soon. My question to readers is this: Do you know what kimchi is, and if you do what are your thoughts on it?

Please share as that is what a real prepper is...one that listens, studies, and learns from those that have done something. A prepper appreciates that it is not what we accumulate that will get us through a crises, but what we learn and are able to cart in our mind are the real tools of prepping and survival.

Take care,

Double Nickel Farm

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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Record Heat Waves

With the record heat waves and drought across the nation, the American Preppers Network hopes that you have been prepared.  Disasters of any type can and do happen anywhere, at anytime, and without warning.  We are now witnessing and will continue to witness a prime example of how one disaster can cause a chain reaction leading to other disasters.  Here are some potential disasters to be aware of as a result of the drought and heat waves.

1) Water shortages.  Water is the number 1 most important necessity to survival.  The average human can only survive 3 days without water, and even less in a heat wave.  I hope you've stored some.  If the water system shuts down or does not have enough, you could turn on the tap only to have a few drips.  If you run into a situation where there is not enough municipal water supply to your home, start looking for other sources of stored water.
  • Your hot water tank may have 30 - 50 gallons of water stored. 
  • The top supply tank to your toilette is typically clean water that you can use.
  • Your plumbing in your house could have a few gallons.  Open a higher faucet in your house as in a shower, sink, or upstairs source to relieve pressure, then open a lower outside faucet to retrieve water from your plumbing system.
Don't short change yourself on water!  Make sure you have plenty for personal consumption.  If you stop sweating, that means you are dehydrated!   

Got Water?

2) Heat.  Heat poses many risks, including but not limited to:
  • Heat Stroke.  Watch family members closely, especially the elderly, watch for slurred speech and disorientation.  When in doubt, call for help.  Time lost is brain lost.  Never leave pets or children in a vehicle, and keep them out of the direct sun.  Drink lots of water.
  • Fire.  Fires are much more common in the heat.  Things dry out and become more flammable.  Keep dry brush and trash picked up.  Do not store fuel in or around your house, and keep well ventilated in a cool area out of the sun.  Keep grass cut short, especially if your city is rationing water and not allowing watering of lawns.  Do not store any flammables in the direct sun or in your attic.  
  • Vehicle breakdowns. Avoid driving unless it's absolutely necessary, or drive at nite. Check your fluid levels and make sure your oil and coolant are topped off.  Bring extra oil and coolant with you in case you need it.  DO NOT top off your fuel tank!  Make sure your tires are property inflated and not over or under inflated.  Bring extra water with you in case you do break down.  Drive with the A/C off when going uphill.  Watch your vehicles tempature when climbing grades.  If your car starts to overheat when going uphill, pull over at a safe location to let it cool.  Check to make sure your thermostat is working before you make your trip.
3) Blackouts.   The nations grids are maxed out.  With everyone using A/C, expect rolling blackouts.  If you are in a blackout, you can wrap sleeping bags around your refrigerator or freezer to help insulate it.  To conserve power, only use what you absolutely need.  Keep lights turned off and keep your A/C set to the warmest temperature that you can safely stand.  Do you have a generator?  Be prepared to use it.  Do you have plenty of non-perishable food stored?  If there is an extended blackout, you may need it.  Stores and gas stations will be shut down in a blackout.  Do you have an emergency battery powered radio and flashlights?

4) Food Prices   Expect food prices to increase.  Especially meat.  Many ranchers are butchering all of there livestock as there is not enough food and water to care for them, this means shortages in the future.  Produce crops are drying up. Prices of corn, wheat and other grains will increase.  Even produce grown in unaffected areas may increase in price as well due to demand.  If the blackouts are too severe, stores, gas stations and truck stops may close down temporarily disrupting the supply chain and preventing food from making it to the stores.

Stay safe during this heat wave and dought.  This is a serious and potentially devastating national disaster.

If you have tips, ideas, news, videos or pictures that you wish to share regarding this heat wave you can submit your article to americanprepper@yahoo.com.  If your article is chosen we will post it on your states preppers network blog.  Top articles will get posted on APN.  The top article of the week will win a free flashlantern valued at $49.95 (made in the USA).  Articles must be submitted before 7/29.

Feel free to copy and repost this article in it's entirety.  Credit source as AmericanPreppersNetwork.com

Here are some free helpful pdf files to download

Fire and Heat Waves
- ARC - Are You Ready - Fire

- ARC - Are You Ready - Heat Wave

- ARC - Are You Ready - Wildfires

- Fact Sheet: Fires

- Fact Sheet: Fire Safe

- WildFires

- ARC - Food and Water in Emergency

- Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water 

- How To Make A Solar Still (Plastic Cover)

- Purification Of Water On A Small Scale 

- Simple Solar Still For The Production Of Distilled Water

- Slow Sand Filters

- Water Purification

- Water Treatment

Fire Safety 

- Fighting Fire 

- Fire Safety

Get More Free Downloads here:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What to do...in a Catastrophic Event?

I wrote what to do on Double Nickel Farm. We have no way to prepare for every situation, but you can read What to do...and it will give you some ideas on what a prepper can do after a crises occurs.

It appears as if this summer is going to be one for the record books. Now is the time to learn skills to prepare you for any crises that comes your way.

Double Nickel Farm

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Home Made Dog Food

I had been researching home made dog food recipes and came up with one that costs pennies a day. I wrote about my recipe on my farm blog Home Made Dog Food~The Results. It is important to factor in our preps food for our pets too.

Feel free to swing over to Double Nickel Farm to see how you too can make homemade dog food!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Pickling Eggs

I pickled eggs today and shared the how to's on my farm blog Double Nickel Farm. It is so important that we take the time to continue to acquire new skills. Becoming more frugal in these times seems to be an incredible side effect, so feel free to go over and see how many items I was able to re-purpose while pickling eggs!

Happy Mother's Day!
Jennifer- mom of 4!
Double Nickel Farm

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What is Possible?

I promote learning skills more so than accumulating actual prep items as things run out, but your skills will be there forever. On my farm blog, I share how my family has been able to accomplish both skills and building up my prep items, all because of the potential or the possibility we saw when we found our farm. Feel free to read my post Breaking the Land on my blog, and maybe you too will be inspired to seek out some piece of land and live the dream of yesteryear, all the while preparing your family for the future that is coming.

Double Nickel Farm
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to's

On my farm blog I share how to make simple deodorant. It seems so silly to realize that in your preps are all the items you need to make most every thing. Instead of having x amount of deodorant in your prep to last x amount of time, you could save a good deal of money by learning how to make a deodorant that is unisex, and cost pennies. Go here to to see how easy it is to make deodorant.

By the way my post that shares how to make deodorant also shares how easy it is to prepare and eat lentils. Lentils are highly nutritious and are easy to add to your preps for very little money. I never understood how easy it was to prepare lentils, beans and the likes until I realized how inexpensive the bags of lentils were and beans verses buying the canned beans. A bonus was how I can eat foods that now do not have that silly little product corn syrup added. Seems like corn syrup is now added to everything, and in my mind that troubles me. Take the time and increase your skills today as well as adding to your preps.

Double Nickel Farm

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's in the Pantry

I wrote a post about what's In the Pantry on my farm blog. It is time to make sure our pantry is full and our skills are constantly increasing as we live in uncertain times.

The time is now.

Double Nickel Farm

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shopping, Groceries and Preparation

Hello preppers!

It has been a good while since I have been able to apply some time to share prepping ideas or tips. I just completed a post on my farm blog that shares how much my family of five spends on shopping, groceries and preparation. It is so important that we all appreciate the times we live in...

Feel free to swing over and check it out!
Shopping Groceries and Preparation

Double Nickel Farm
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Monday, March 7, 2011

New Mexico Preppers Roll Call - All Preppers Please Check In

The American Preppers Network is conducting a network-wide roll call.  Whether you are a member or not please check in and let us know what you are doing to prepare.

This is a good opportunity to network with other preppers near you.

New Mexico Preppers, to respond to the roll call please follow this link:

  • Reply to the Roll Call and let us know what you have been doing to prepare.
If you are not yet a member of the forum you can register here for free:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Funding For Uninsured

$1 Million from The New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration will be available for damaged homes of residents affected during the natural gas outage.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

How To Be A World-Class Survivalist in 5 Simple Steps

Joy Paley
Activist Post

With the recent econopocalypse, it’s no wonder that people are becoming more interested in what it would take to survive after our current society has undergone a major shift. After all, if something we thought was intrinsically stable—our financial sector, and the guarantee of ever increasing wealth—is actually pretty flimsy, well, a lot of other things can be brought into question too. Take out a seemingly small piece of the puzzle, like access to gasoline, and you find that your local grocery will run out of goods within 2 days. Learning the basic skills to survive without the modern conveniences of society is a way to prepare yourself for these unpredictable shifts. And, the skills you’ll hone in the process—self-reliance, problem solving, and cleverness—are ones that will definitely benefit you in your everyday life.

1. Get In Shape
It’s not that exciting of a tip, but it’s probably the most important in terms of survival. Having an in-shape cardiovascular system will mean that you’ll be able to run, forage, and do any other intense aerobic activity that comes with living outside of society. Keeping your muscles strong is to key for chopping wood, building shelter, and generally being useful when physical brawn again becomes as important as intellectual ability.

2. Learn Basic Wilderness Skills
Before you hit the military surplus store for thousands of dollars worth of MRE rations, first put a little effort into really getting good at basic skills for navigating outside of your comfort zone. First, learn how to build a fire
, without a gallon of fire starter and newspaper. Review how to build a protective shelter outside and how to find water. These three most basic skills aren’t easy—but they are sure to come in handy when you’ve got no lights, heat, or running water.

3. Invest Wisely in Supplies
Now that you’ve shown your commitment to survivalism by knowing a few basic essentials, you can consider investing in the supplies that will make your life easier, after society’s collapse. Don’t head down to your local REI store though—you can burn through your entire nest egg on commercial wilderness and survival gear at those fancy places. Think utility and budget.

• Stock up a pantry of canned goods—think beans, tuna, veggies, fruit, and soups
• Get bulk basics like oil, sugar, salt, peanut butter, rice, lentils, and any other grains you prefer
• Pick up a rechargeable LED flashlight for every member of your family
• Get several 5 gallon jugs of water
• Create a comprehensive first aid kid
• If you don’t have one, purchase a firearm and stock up on ammunition

4. Learn How to Feed Yourself
No matter how many Costco jugs of peanut butter you buy, your food stock isn’t going to last forever. Any survivalist has to know how to feed themselves when the going gets tough. This includes growing food, foraging, fishing, and hunting. Stock up on seeds, and start with a small vegetable garden. Learn to identify and find edible and medicinal plants in your area. If you’ve never hunted, start small. Find, catch, kill, and cook a rabbit or squirrel to start.

5. Learn Antiquated Skills
Back before the days of Super Wal-Mart and excess income, regular people like you and me knew skills for surviving the year. In the winter when there weren’t any fresh fruits and vegetables, people depended on canned, pickled, smoked, and other preserved food that they had prepared in the summertime. Candles offered valuable light, and handmade soap kept them clean. These are the types of skills that will not only keep you alive longer, but will actually make living a little more enjoyable.

Joy Paley is a science and technology writer from Berkeley, California. She is a guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog and writes on accredited online degrees for Guide to Online Schools.

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