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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last Posting

But let me leave you with something to think about.


or could this be thought of in this way?


Then ask yourself: Is this the start of our own Internet2?

In closing it is my hope that this blog site will be commanded
by someone that can devote more time to research and rallying
activities. I will now return this site over to the
American Prepper Network.

RoadScribe signing off.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

High Fructose Corn Syrup

RoadScribe’s iRV: Survival On Wheels
January 20th of 2009 was the start of the perfect ten year
financial storm. Are you ready?

On the political front: In a decision between the Chief Scribe and imaginary gnomes of this blog, we will give credit where credit is due with some well earned awards.
The N.M.P.N. Hawk Award for this entry goes to:
Infowars.com Allen Keyes article for standing up and daring to tell the truth.
and http://whatreallyhappened.com

If you check the required reading list, this link has beat out the DrudgeReport.com for the media source that actually has the guts to report the real news AMERICA WANTS TO READ AND HEAR. Let this site be a lesson to our N.W.O. media whores aka Amerika Pravda. Scroll down for their first entry for today and they have captured how many of us feel about the stimulus package. Especially since I worked my tail off to sell the home I couldn’t afford and didn’t expect the tax payers to bail me out.

The N.M.P.N. Horse Pile Award goes to Howard Dean’s Obama Forum, showing America what he really is: http://www.theobamaforum.com/showthread.php?t=1808
Read it and get down right angry at what is running your country America.

We’ve got a storm blowing in that the weather service hasn’t reported, so grab a cup of coffee and get down to it. Yes, another health entry into surviving the Obamaologist’s form of socialized medicine based on eugenics.

If you’re an avid listener to Alex Jones, have you heard his discussion on High Fructose Corn Syrup containing mercury?

Well instead of re-reporting the facts I decided to run an experiment by going through all the food products in my home on wheels that contain this product. So far no more migraine headaches, blood sugar drops, don’t get sleepy after eating spaghetti because I make my own from scratch now. Go ahead and conduct an experiment of your own. Let’s start a nation wide challenge to prep up and stock up in a way that will not only save you money but, improve your health at the same time. Yes, it’s official. My gnome assistants are announcing the N.M.P.N. Challenge and I have stepped up to the plate so here goes. We’re going to throw at you, America, some tough rules, because these are tough times. Our country is now run by politicians that want to take you into a form of socialism that other nations are warning us against.

Curious? Good. Next entry discusses rules of the challenge.
You have been RoadScribed.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter RV’ing.

RoadScribe’s iRV: Survival On Wheels
January 20th of 2009 was the start of the perfect
intentional ten year
financial storm. Are you ready?

How iRV became winter worthy or, our next installment in taking what you have out of sheer determination and making it work. And since iRV is a 25ft. fifth wheel, that will be our model.

When I was still base camping at Lake Point RV Resort in Canyon Lake, Texas and going through the fiasco of selling my over mortgaged home, the idea of heading back to the Four Corners states was on my mind, along with the winters. So I spent that last humid winter researching what mods that could be done on my own to make this rig last. Internet search word games along this line yielded full time RV’ers far north as Canada declaring, “The banker will have his hand out for the payment, so why not live in it year round.” In response to my question, I received links with photos of articles published on the internet, with some of the more enterprising selling their plans on CD’s. So in that spirit, I’ll share my own technique of extra winter insulation. Some of which I have not used, and some I do, thanks to those that dare camp where the snow piles up in frigid temperatures.

First step of my project came after back to back hail storms from hurricane ruminants in June of ‘08 that left my three crank up vent caps full of holes, luckily around the edges. The caps that came on iRV were a flimsy plastic material. I got up on the roof and thought this I could do myself, and after posting on RVNet was told the process and given a link to PPLmotorhomes.com in Houston, TX and a large reseller of used RV’s and parts, shipping them out to me in a week. Looking up crank vent hoods, you get a detailed description of how to order by checking the vent cap hinge. I ordered the Ventline guaranteed unbreakable caps, and was told when I had the inside vent collar off, tuck some more the pink fiberglass insulation, being careful of electrical wires. I got my pink insulation scraps from a contractor neighbor. And while you are at it remove as many of the ceiling fixtures as you can and add pink insulation there too. Thanks guys on the RVNet for this additional idea.

Maxxair Vent cover caps are on this summer’s renovation list. Purchased from PPL, they give the instructions on the Web.

Next is a trip to the local Mercantile or Home Depot for some of that nifty canned spray insulation, quilted aluminum insulation, weather stripping. I did on this trip get pipe insulation, heat tape and a storage box for my water filters but if your rig has tanks and a water pump, just use that. At least here, the water is pretty hard and while the plumbing didn’t freeze the calcium in the water stopped up my pressure regulator, luckily found evening before a snow storm was due in. Since I am working from my RV, I have a dump-flush-fill day. So if you see me reading or writing in a camp chair in back of iRV, come on over with a coffee mug, I'll crank up the camp pot and we'll chat a spell. Today is Tank Day.

These three processes have worked so far even with days in the twenty’s and single digit nights.
First check the belly of your rig. I got a big cardboard box to lay on and after checking for snakes under the trailer, crawled under there in an old T and jeans. There were seams with gaps going across the belly (another thing to list for with my dream rig: one piece no seam.) Stuffing the gaps and holes with strips of an old sheet, leave enough room to spray in the insulation over it. No wonder I was cold in Texas. Not cold now though. Then open access doors and check for other places to spray with the insulation going into the coach itself around pipes and covered wires. Doing this prevents rodents from getting inside. No critters traipsing about in the night yet.

Next you need a flat surface to cut the aluminum insulation, tape measure and hot glue gun. (Thanks Sylvia Wrenn for the glue gun idea.) Measure all your windows and custom cut pieces for each window. I also have two bay windows with those lower flap windows and cut two big pieces for each. That way on a sunny day you can stay cool by covering the top bay window and not cover up the flap windows until sun down. The Day-Night shades fit right over the insulation. You can fold the insulation up in the morning and use passive solar to heat you rig and save on the propane. Also cut a square for each crank vent and stuff in an insulating pillow in each to remove and vent on days when wind is calm since you can get condensation inside the caps, or for using the shower. Outside go on a search inside the propane and unheated compartments. I found bare floor area to cover with patches of hot glued insulation onto. Any place you see daylight, make a temporary wall or floor with the insulation. Makes a world of difference. When you break camp, take your unglued patches out and stack them in some kind of order you will remember for the next camp set-up.

Canadians and more deep winter state RV’ers told me they also use this insulation on interior walls of closets, cabinets, walls behind plumbing under cabinets and behind the toilet, and in the bay area. Some have come up with creative skirting to put around the rig if it is stationary for long periods of time. As of yet, with my furnace working well, I haven’t had to do this part of the procedure.

Next check insulation around windows and entry doors. If frayed, replace it by scraping off the old and pressing on the new. I also got a dowel and hot glued a throw blanket to tuck that in above the doorway. With .25 of batting from the public library resell shop, made a draft snake by rolling that up in a sheet.

Winterizing is an ongoing project with the latest idea of parking the truck on the north side to play wind gust buffer and redesigning the inside to be livable with the slide out in. Seems strange at first, but consider less space to heat, adding to a more wind resistant structure. If you just stand back and think, you can make these RV’s work for you until the economic situation improves and it is once again safe to dream of a place of your own.

You have been RoadScribed.
Disconnect from the TV Matrix and your creativity will emerge.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Antibiotics: America's Medical Awakening

Happy Blizzard day, no mountain.

RoadScribe’s iRV: Survival On Wheels
January 20th of 2009 was the start of the perfect deliberate
ten year financial storm. Are you ready?

ATB’s: America’s Awakening in the face of Socialized Medicine.
Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they have done.

Best advise I can give you from a retired nurse that worked with loads of patients that sadly lost limbs, and sometimes their lives to ATB resistant infections, and in dealing with my husband’s battle with MRSA that he acquired in a San Antonio hospital, and after we cleared that up, once again in a chemotherapy infusion room (that infection battle ultimately took his life thanks to Vancomycin over use that went into VRE, he just could not recover and the cancer took him.) Until I found Silver Water via the health2us.com method with my own SW generator, we used these homeopathy’s.

GSE: Grapefruit Seed Extract
Check out their site, should come with a booklet. We used this one as our big gun of homeopathies. Did you know that MRSA thrives in carpets. Refer to your research for the drop-solution ratio for your carpet cleaner. Have Congestive Heart Failure and wear those darned expensive compression stockings. GSE and water is an excellent soaking solution.

Olive Leafe Extract: comes in a capsule. Many uses. Do your research.

Oregano oil: powder or oil. Good for respiratory infections and congestion. Do your research. I decided to get off steroidal medications since osteoporosis runs in my family. Carrying the small
dropper bottle in my uniform pocket, if I felt congestion or short of breath coming on a few drops under the tongue helped. Disclaimer: This worked for me, may not work for you. I just didn't want to be dependent on prescription medications if there was just one darned chance in my life as a free person that I could figure out another solution, and if it didn't work then I still had the meds.

Remember: God created each of us with our own unique metabolism. What works for one person
may work totally different for another.

Tea Tree Oil: Found this cheap at Wal-mart by scouting their pharmacy section. Interesting history. Topical application. Good for fungus and we also used this to clear up MRSA cellulites in hubby's legs he got from hospital personnel that didn't wash their hands.


How to protect yourself and loved ones if you do have to go to the hospital.

Stay with them 24/7. Yeah folks, sorry to say that is what you have do. But don’t be a pain in the
tail. Be helpful by doing the little things like bathing, bed changing, filling the water pitcher. Hit that call light if your patient’s IV bag is getting low with a friendly reminder. Check their IV site. If it’s red or leaking, let your nurse know, it needs to be changed. I though family members and friends of my patients were just angels that gave of their time to do this. And most of all after becoming hubby’s caregiver I went a few steps further by both of us doing these two things:

Why?--> What have those gloves been exposed to prior to coming in this room.

Check the stats on this, it’s an eye opener.
Solution for dealing with busy nurses that are going to have to deal with a much larger nurse to patient ratio. Remember what I told you about my old patient assignments since this will be absolutely a nightmare.

Why? Because I still have nightmares about it.

On admission of your loved one, or if you can catch busy Doc when he is writing his admit order’s, require that patient’s medications are brought into the room unopened with the medication sheet.

Why? To ensure that busy nurse or med aide is giving the right med to the right patient, around time ordered, in right dose by the right route. Hence: the 5 rights.

This is a good time to also learn about your medications from busy nurse, if not your angel can jot that down on a pad and you can both have a homework lesson.

(Sorry guys. Got off the subject. But this is needed info. I cared about my patients.)
(Some of my former home health patients still keep in touch. Hugs. They were great.)


I keep an updated supply on hand of all these in case the SW has no effect.

Currently I have a 1-gallon SW generator from health2us.com and you can order extra silver for your generator. I keep extra bottles made up of SW and have not taken an ATB on over ten years or flue vaccine since that made my asthma go out of control. Getting out of the constant stress of the medical profession, especially now that we are going to get as Alex Jones says: "Socialized Eugenics Medicine," has really helped.

And if you think I’m long winded here, well baby, I wrote a whole novel on the subject. Now let’s see who in the publishing profession will have the heart of a teacher to help me get this published. Keep ya posted.

You have been RoadScribed.
For knowledge is power : power is knowledge.
Seek and ye shall find.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Health & Safety: The Antibiotic Alternative

Knock-knock-knock. (An imaginary door opens.)
Hey, where are all my Prepper's? Come on guys, time to get busy!

RoadScribe’s iRV: Survival On Wheels
January 20th of 2009 was the start of the perfect ten year
financial storm. Are you ready?

My camp coffee pot has perked so let’s get down to it.

I’m fully recovered after getting the taxes done and thanks to June Walker’s blog, books and seminars, finding out one of my neighbors is a biz minded tax pepper, my ‘09 bookkeeping will be so much easier. Reading the latest survival blogs there is one very disturbing factor I wanted to bring to your attention in shadow of socialized medicine, and the stock piling of antibiotics.

Why? Well why not share years of medical experience to help Prepper’s protect their health. And in that spirit I’ll give you some health and safety articles. And once again: if there is a subject you want to hear about, hit the comment section with your topic. As editor, publisher, chief cook and bottle washer of this blog, I’ll get my gnomes right on it. Remember: there are some things we can take care of at home and then there are some we can’t. That is the invaluable knowledge we all need, that the medical profession won’t have the time to teach you. Fifty percent of my nursing career was patient teach. With socialized medicine, forget it, that’s all out the window.

History is a great teacher:
Please remember that antibiotics were created to treat horrible diseases, but through the years they have been horribly abused to the point of creating antibiotic resistant organisms such as MRSA. In the last few years antibiotic resistant TB, MRSA and many others are flowing across the Mexican border. That’s why I cringe when people tell me they go to Mexico to get their abortions, dental work, plastic surgery and yes, stock pile their antibiotics. When I worked at John Sealy Hospital in Galveston I used to take care of that aftermath. And for those of you that are in the mindset of antibiotic stockpiling, you are setting yourselves up for a bigger problem. Antibiotics are good if you know the exact organism you are fighting, and that is done with a Culture and Sensitivity in a lab. Better take the right amount of antibiotic for your age and weight, or, you are risking liver failure, kidney failure, respiratory shut down, or like my hubby, affected with a skin infection in both legs called MRSA cellulitis. All of the antibiotics he was given didn’t work because they had been overused so much. Then he was given a new antibiotic, just approved by the FDA. Guess what? That left him in such pain, he couldn’t move and spent six weeks in rehab center learning to walk again.

This is what I’m trying to help you understand. Otherwise you are playing hit and miss.
Example of how this medical nightmare starts: Go to doctor with a fever and congestion. Here take this antibiotic and come back in two weeks. But now your fever is worse and he gives you something else to take. That doesn’t work and now you’re in the hospital, exposed to their infections as well.

Disclaimer: now I’m not saying don’t go to the doctor ever again. What I am saying is learn to protect your health situation by prevention and if you do have to access socialized medicine, you will be that much smarter to figure out that rushed doctor or nurse should have told me this also or I'll end up here again.

In future entries I’ll help you with that information also. Just hang on, this is my only volunteer writing effort to help my new Prepper friends. Gotta make a living too. Yes, I’m one of those evil Capitalists. But still a nurse at heart. Your solution is in a reading assignment now that you have disconnected from the Matrix with all this extra time on your hands.

Go read and learn here: http://health2us.com/

Yes, this is silver water, and no it won’t turn you blue unless your going to drink gallons at a time. That article was product of out esteemed biased media.

I found out about silver water while working my last year as a home health nurse in what many in Big S.A. call Mexico’s Most Northern city. Camping friends at Lake Point RV Resort, my base camp at the time, were using it with some pretty good results. Last thing I want to do here is sound like a car salesman, I hate that. So go read for yourself. What I will tell you is my friends gave me a couple of gallons of silver water to try and I stopped feeling tired all the time, my asthma that often went into an infection improved, so there is your antibiotic from a one gallon silver water generator. But go and read because there are other effects as well, such as for dermatology conditions, yeast infections, acne and what I found was very a big help, reduced swelling after I had hyperextened my knee. I don’t drink it every day, only when I need it and can brew up spare bottles for storing. I do keep a gallon bottle of silver water ready to use in the kitchen and a spray bottle filled for topical use if a skin flare up occurs from years of using harsh chemicals to protect myself in the medical profession. Get into one of the three P’s: poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac? Drink a cup, spray it on the spot and let it air dry in front of a fan. Works better than all those steroids the doc will give you. And won’t deteriorate your bones either.

This is my gift of knowledge to you. And now it is up to you pick up that challenge and learn how to protect yourself in the face of highly taxed rationed health care. Because when it comes down to it, and this system is fully in place, we will be nothing but cattle in a feed lot to the New World Order.

Dug in and preppin on in the mountains west of Capitan, NM.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Debt: The new slavemaster.

RoadScribe’s iRV: Survival On Wheels
January 20th of 2009 was the start of the perfect ten year
financial storm. Are you ready?

A crock pot of pinto beans simmers in a beef base.

The Mark Levine Show has been added to the reading links section since he gave a very good idea what is being done to turn our medical system into socialized medicine. And since that will include rationing our medical care, with my past career in nursing, I’ll have future segments on health, much as you can stand, so toss a suggestion in the comments if you want to read a particular subject.

Yup, the camp coffee pot is still hot because I’ve been working on taxes all day, so let’s get down to it.

You may have guessed by now that if I’m not reading or writing, the radio is on. With the TLC crowd in Washington aka Thieves-Liars-Con men now running our government, after listening to Mark Friday evening, he made a very good point. Do you realize how many tax cheats we have in President Obama’s cabinet. Where’s the ethics in this? And for those of you that are redirecting my Internet traffic, that is a fact, go check it out for yourself. Is it okay for them to say “I forgot” or “I didn’t think I had to” and sit up there and make our tax laws? I find that disgusting and file my taxes every year. What makes them so different? And while these industrious people are busy nationalizing out banks, this is a darned good time to bring up the subject of debt, the new slave master.

My fear is that if that is all of sudden, like Alex says, we wake up and there is only a Central Bank, then what will happen to all of our loans and mortgages? Will they continue as if nothing happened or would you get a letter in the mail saying your entire balance is due—pay up! Will we be able to refinance? Still with one bill left myself to pay off, this is on my mind. I know that sounds crazy, but if you look at how fast this president is moving to rush bills through and sign them, with his Marxist goal of destruction of the middle class, what better way to achieve your purpose.

Solution to the problem: learn to live a cash basis lifestyle, now!
Let’s welcome another required reading link to the list: http://www.daveramsey.com. Without Dave’s help, I wouldn’t be to the point I’m at now, from a widow with an over mortgaged house and dining room table of bills to just the abode I live and work from. There isn’t enough room in one blog entry to describe his common sense method. From his books, seminars, forums, Pod Casts, radio show, to the best help of all, Financial Peace University. Atheist to believer, the phrase: “The borrower is slave to the lender,” can ring home if you’re in debt up to your eyeballs and think there’s no way out. On his web site is a link to the FPU near you, or a self paced course. Learn, practice, get bill free, organize and teach others. I have learned to live that cash based life style and also how to run a business the same way. Yes, it can be done. And if I stick to my goal, one day I’ll look in my side mirrors at iRV’s tires and they’ll say: “Paid for—paid for—paid for.”

RoadScribe: Yet another way to dig in, and ride out the perfect intentional storm.
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