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Sunday, February 22, 2009

High Fructose Corn Syrup

RoadScribe’s iRV: Survival On Wheels
January 20th of 2009 was the start of the perfect ten year
financial storm. Are you ready?

On the political front: In a decision between the Chief Scribe and imaginary gnomes of this blog, we will give credit where credit is due with some well earned awards.
The N.M.P.N. Hawk Award for this entry goes to:
Infowars.com Allen Keyes article for standing up and daring to tell the truth.
and http://whatreallyhappened.com

If you check the required reading list, this link has beat out the DrudgeReport.com for the media source that actually has the guts to report the real news AMERICA WANTS TO READ AND HEAR. Let this site be a lesson to our N.W.O. media whores aka Amerika Pravda. Scroll down for their first entry for today and they have captured how many of us feel about the stimulus package. Especially since I worked my tail off to sell the home I couldn’t afford and didn’t expect the tax payers to bail me out.

The N.M.P.N. Horse Pile Award goes to Howard Dean’s Obama Forum, showing America what he really is: http://www.theobamaforum.com/showthread.php?t=1808
Read it and get down right angry at what is running your country America.

We’ve got a storm blowing in that the weather service hasn’t reported, so grab a cup of coffee and get down to it. Yes, another health entry into surviving the Obamaologist’s form of socialized medicine based on eugenics.

If you’re an avid listener to Alex Jones, have you heard his discussion on High Fructose Corn Syrup containing mercury?

Well instead of re-reporting the facts I decided to run an experiment by going through all the food products in my home on wheels that contain this product. So far no more migraine headaches, blood sugar drops, don’t get sleepy after eating spaghetti because I make my own from scratch now. Go ahead and conduct an experiment of your own. Let’s start a nation wide challenge to prep up and stock up in a way that will not only save you money but, improve your health at the same time. Yes, it’s official. My gnome assistants are announcing the N.M.P.N. Challenge and I have stepped up to the plate so here goes. We’re going to throw at you, America, some tough rules, because these are tough times. Our country is now run by politicians that want to take you into a form of socialism that other nations are warning us against.

Curious? Good. Next entry discusses rules of the challenge.
You have been RoadScribed.


Humble wife said...

I have been following the corn syrup thing for a bit now. It is funny as there are commercials to share how GREAT corn syrup is so the news is getting out there.

The corn syrup studies are shocking and we should no longer wonder what is going on...our health and the wellbeing we think we have is all based on our environment which we fill with toxins.

I think that we need to remove all the cleaning supplies in the home too...use baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice.

Yes I am frustrated on this one, as the corn syrup is terrible for children.

RoadScribe said...

Yes, and if you check on the research Alex Jones found: an increase in brain tumors, cancer, organic brain syndrome, dementia, migraine headaches, neural diseases such as MS etc. Defiantly become a label reader in grocery store, get back to cooking from scratch by planning ahead. My Victory Garden is in memory of those that this eugenics was designed to cull out.
Thanks for the post. This tells me more Americans are waking up.

erniesjourney said...

Thinking that this new way of life after the fall will most likely be better for us all as we learn to grow our own again. Great post RS.


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