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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Health & Safety: The Antibiotic Alternative

Knock-knock-knock. (An imaginary door opens.)
Hey, where are all my Prepper's? Come on guys, time to get busy!

RoadScribe’s iRV: Survival On Wheels
January 20th of 2009 was the start of the perfect ten year
financial storm. Are you ready?

My camp coffee pot has perked so let’s get down to it.

I’m fully recovered after getting the taxes done and thanks to June Walker’s blog, books and seminars, finding out one of my neighbors is a biz minded tax pepper, my ‘09 bookkeeping will be so much easier. Reading the latest survival blogs there is one very disturbing factor I wanted to bring to your attention in shadow of socialized medicine, and the stock piling of antibiotics.

Why? Well why not share years of medical experience to help Prepper’s protect their health. And in that spirit I’ll give you some health and safety articles. And once again: if there is a subject you want to hear about, hit the comment section with your topic. As editor, publisher, chief cook and bottle washer of this blog, I’ll get my gnomes right on it. Remember: there are some things we can take care of at home and then there are some we can’t. That is the invaluable knowledge we all need, that the medical profession won’t have the time to teach you. Fifty percent of my nursing career was patient teach. With socialized medicine, forget it, that’s all out the window.

History is a great teacher:
Please remember that antibiotics were created to treat horrible diseases, but through the years they have been horribly abused to the point of creating antibiotic resistant organisms such as MRSA. In the last few years antibiotic resistant TB, MRSA and many others are flowing across the Mexican border. That’s why I cringe when people tell me they go to Mexico to get their abortions, dental work, plastic surgery and yes, stock pile their antibiotics. When I worked at John Sealy Hospital in Galveston I used to take care of that aftermath. And for those of you that are in the mindset of antibiotic stockpiling, you are setting yourselves up for a bigger problem. Antibiotics are good if you know the exact organism you are fighting, and that is done with a Culture and Sensitivity in a lab. Better take the right amount of antibiotic for your age and weight, or, you are risking liver failure, kidney failure, respiratory shut down, or like my hubby, affected with a skin infection in both legs called MRSA cellulitis. All of the antibiotics he was given didn’t work because they had been overused so much. Then he was given a new antibiotic, just approved by the FDA. Guess what? That left him in such pain, he couldn’t move and spent six weeks in rehab center learning to walk again.

This is what I’m trying to help you understand. Otherwise you are playing hit and miss.
Example of how this medical nightmare starts: Go to doctor with a fever and congestion. Here take this antibiotic and come back in two weeks. But now your fever is worse and he gives you something else to take. That doesn’t work and now you’re in the hospital, exposed to their infections as well.

Disclaimer: now I’m not saying don’t go to the doctor ever again. What I am saying is learn to protect your health situation by prevention and if you do have to access socialized medicine, you will be that much smarter to figure out that rushed doctor or nurse should have told me this also or I'll end up here again.

In future entries I’ll help you with that information also. Just hang on, this is my only volunteer writing effort to help my new Prepper friends. Gotta make a living too. Yes, I’m one of those evil Capitalists. But still a nurse at heart. Your solution is in a reading assignment now that you have disconnected from the Matrix with all this extra time on your hands.

Go read and learn here: http://health2us.com/

Yes, this is silver water, and no it won’t turn you blue unless your going to drink gallons at a time. That article was product of out esteemed biased media.

I found out about silver water while working my last year as a home health nurse in what many in Big S.A. call Mexico’s Most Northern city. Camping friends at Lake Point RV Resort, my base camp at the time, were using it with some pretty good results. Last thing I want to do here is sound like a car salesman, I hate that. So go read for yourself. What I will tell you is my friends gave me a couple of gallons of silver water to try and I stopped feeling tired all the time, my asthma that often went into an infection improved, so there is your antibiotic from a one gallon silver water generator. But go and read because there are other effects as well, such as for dermatology conditions, yeast infections, acne and what I found was very a big help, reduced swelling after I had hyperextened my knee. I don’t drink it every day, only when I need it and can brew up spare bottles for storing. I do keep a gallon bottle of silver water ready to use in the kitchen and a spray bottle filled for topical use if a skin flare up occurs from years of using harsh chemicals to protect myself in the medical profession. Get into one of the three P’s: poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac? Drink a cup, spray it on the spot and let it air dry in front of a fan. Works better than all those steroids the doc will give you. And won’t deteriorate your bones either.

This is my gift of knowledge to you. And now it is up to you pick up that challenge and learn how to protect yourself in the face of highly taxed rationed health care. Because when it comes down to it, and this system is fully in place, we will be nothing but cattle in a feed lot to the New World Order.

Dug in and preppin on in the mountains west of Capitan, NM.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. Superbugs are caused largely as well by the massive doses of antibiotics pumped into factory farmed animals necessary to keep them alive in filthy confinement operations. MRSA has been directly linked to pigs for example. Eating is a moral act and if we continue with these practices we will kill ourselves.
When you are discussing antibiotic misuse please also remember to discuss factory farmed animals. Thank you.. you can check out the Union of Concerned Scientists or many other sites for further info.

RoadScribe said...

kestrel: you sound like a PETA activist.
How much do you know about pigs? They are kept in pens for a reason, 'cause they stink. It is hard to free range pigs because they will go wild and join up with bands of wild hogs called Javelina or Wild Boar Hogs. They travel in packs and tear up pasture lands and will chase you at drop of a hat with teeth bared, tusks pointed at your running butt, so you better get up a tree fast. With the high price of feed, many hog farms are switching back to cracked corn and oats since the prepared mixed feeds are very expensive. Thanks for the extra info, I just wanted to give you some updated information since we bloggers are the new truth in media.

You have been RoadScribed

tweell said...

Heh. Dad was a farm boy, and told me that pigs were the most dangerous animal on a farm. They are big, smart and mean. They had a sheep drown itself, and his dad told him to throw the carcass in the pig pen. The next morning the only thing left were the hooves.
We don't have pig farming in Arizona. PETA got an 'ethical pig farming' bill through that shut down every pig farmer in the state. Now the pork meat in Arizona comes from Mexico, who could care less about overdosing with antibiotics or being nice to their animals. Another twofer for PETA - simultaneously reducing jobs here and lowering the general welfare of the animals they claim to represent.

RoadScribe said...

PETA is a waterboy for the New World Order. Very sad. In Texas the wild pigs can get 400 lbs. Saw a minivan get totaled once.

High Desert Drifter said...

Hello from Cruces!
I know a bit about anti-biotics and MRSA.
MRSA that ppl get nowadays comes from Hospitals, "Beauty" salons that perform "Non-Surgical" medical enhancements and other "services" and from locker rooms that see lots of traffic volume.
It's some bad stuff, you can absorb it via contact, inhale it, self inoculate by rubbing eye, picking nose, etc.
Ironically the only hope you have if you contract MRSA is a wicked powerful antibiotic like vancomycin or a few other serious cousins of it. Recently MRSA has been showing resistance to these drugs.
Your best bet is to stay the heck out of hospitals and clinics if possible.
Sadly this means that you should stock some antibiotics if you plan on avoiding these hospitals. This also means that you should lean a little medicine so you know (or can at least make an educated guess) by observation of symptoms, etc.
I can tell you that silver might be great as a general anti-bacterial agent, it won't substitute for metronidizole when you have a serious anaerobic gut infection that is borderline septicemic. There are hundreds of these scenarios and you can't cover em all, but with a few good drugs you can stay away for a long time without too much risk.
I pack quite a bit of meds and gear.
Unless it floods, I am not bugging anywhere.
I plan on sleeping at my RENTED house ;)
If TSHTF so be it. I have know it was coming since I was quite young and that was a long time ago. I do it developing much faster now though. Ohh Well... Maybe humans only evolved to redistribute energy around the planet and our job is done...?

michael101 said...

I have heard a lot of good things about Colloidal Silver. I attempted making a generator using an 18 Volt charger. All I ever succeeded in making was dirty looking water. What type of generator do you use? Does it perform to the manufactures suggested rate? Do you use distilled water, or tap water?

The time is coming when we will be required to have a “chip” {personal Id} or not be able to participate in buying or selling. To include paying taxes, having utilities, including electricity, natural or propane gas, water. Do you have any back up source of electricity, and 110-volt inverter, to run your generator?

Do you anticipate Colloidal Silver will be use full combating bird flu, or small pox or any of the other plaques destined to evolve?

I have purchased and used 32% Hydrogen Peroxide. I believe it is a good healer as well. Don’t know the shelf life of it though. So that in its self could pose a problem.

Enjoy your posts.
Regards Michael

RoadScribe said...

After years of seeing so many good people succumb to ATB resistant infections and their so-called cure, the response to your comments got way too long. So hence my friends, gather round my virtual campfire, grab a mug of java and let's exercise our right to free speech, no matter what the TLC+TC crowd thinks.

Anonymous said...

Read this book:
The Antibiotic Alternative: The Natural Guide to Fighting Infection and Maintaining a Healthy Immune System by Cindy Jones

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