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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Groups or Clans(and this and that)

What can I say? I have been trying to be upbeat and positive in blogging about prepping but I have had a few days where I just want to scream- therefore I have held back from blogging.

I cannot believe how obvious it is. I cannot believe how close we are to the dollar's demise. I cannot believe that so many Americans have no idea what is coming. I cannot believe it myself sometimes. Recovery from this path seems impossible. I am an optimist so I do have hope, but am clear as to the next bend in the road. I cannot believe that things could have happened so quickly and therefore that is why I have been silent these past few days. I wish things were not this way. I wish things would go back to a time of idyllic days where we planned future events, not sat wondering if today was the day.

Now off to another thought, Bullseye posted something the other day and I decided instead of leaving a comment that I would post my thoughts here.
Group or Clan
Pros and Cons
What ifs are big in the very real scenario of the dollar crashing and America changing as a result. I am a prepper because my world crashed quite literally a few years ago. I do not see this as a negative as my life is peaceful pleasant with much time to be with the ones I love.

The topic is whether we should have a group or a plan in the EOTWAWKI scenario. I have decided to give some of my thoughts as one makes the best decisions when it can be made with much information as possible.

I live in a remote area where I do not know too many of my neighbors. One neighbor borders on the law in nearly every action that he takes. We have caught them on our property twice now, and each time they are vague in the reasoning. They are a lot of people that I see as a problem in the situations that Bullseye linked and wrote about.

My husband and I talk often about those in our community that as of yet are not preppers but are people that we can unite with and take steps to learning to survive in a world that as I type is so hard to even imagine. I suppose watching The Patriot with Mel Gibson is allowing me to even consider such frightening of a scenario. We are approaching times of uncertainty. We are approaching times where we will need to take a course much different than we are used to. So we talk about those in our community that are like minded although not prepping. We not only think about those that would be best because of their military might, or the weapons that they have. We consider much more than that.

You see a community can fail because of a snippity woman who has nothing but meddling on her mind. A community can fail because a man will not lift a finger in work when even the most frail will. A community will fail when children lack respect for their elders, and where wives and husband cannot rise above petty bickering. I believe that plotting to have groups to preserve not only lives but a livelihood is critical. But to survive to have a member step out and reveal too much, or to cause friction in a group is a member that will be a problem.

I see the plan for grouping important, but I see that as our failure as a nation currently. We failed to hold up honor and integrity. We failed to check behavior of unruly children, we failed to require marriage to be upheld above all cost. We failed to support the family, to protect the weak and infirm, and to honor God. How then can we recapture all these precious things lost in a horrific end of world scenario? Will we suddenly change who we are? Can we expect the reality situation to cease that we all are so accustomed to?

I think not. I am not trying to be disrespectful to others prepping. But the reality is that we will not change who we are, therefore all our prepping will be for naught. My suggestion is that we change now who we are. I suggest that we reach so far deep inside us, to find the character that we all wish for. If we do not do these things our future is bleak.
Just my thoughts

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Optimism for the Dollar

It still can be used as a kitty toy and kitty bedding. Shwew~ I was beginning to believe that the dollar would never have value again.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fret ??

The main stream media is so informative.
I cannot believe how careful they are not to insert their own bias when reporting stories.
How fortunate we are as Americans to have freedom of the press.


Of course I am full of it!
Check this article title out: AP Poll: Americans fret over health overhaul costs

We fret!?



Let me make this very clear- we do not fret. We are furious over this nonsense of spending our nation into financial ruin. We are furious over this nonsense that everyone will have healthcare, then we have that interesting tidbit that those who do not have coverage will go to jail or face fines.

Wait~ how can this be so?

Have I forgot to mention who will be receiving blanket amnesty next spring and summer?


Now to that spending until we are in financial ruin~ these twenty million uninsured soon to be Americans will pound the final nail into the coffin.

I am not one to fret...that seems to be a characteristic of the lily livered~ pansy~ fruit tooty media that cannot report the news, but help create(invent) or spin the news.

Friday, November 13, 2009

P.S. Uncle Sam~ Stop Ramming Things Down Our Throats

In addition to my previous post's question, I have had it with late night surprise bills, and the latest crap fest of bringing the 9-11 mastermind to NYC to try him in a civilian court... on a Friday...enough is enough~

Help Me Figure This Out?

If Health Care will be for everyone- then why will some go to jail for not having coverage???

Do you see the deception of the Left? Please, please link to this post and have as many people as possible see this. Everyone needs to see this question and clearly see that this is a scam first and foremost.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Now is the Time: Part 1 trillion and 1

Now is the time to learn how to make bread. Yes, all kind of bread. No, taking a frozen loaf out and allowing it to rise then baking it is not making bread(I know as this is how I made bread for 17 years of my marriage-thank you Schwan's Man!!) Learning to make bread is kind of scary at first and kind of hard to understand until you just sink your hands into the dough!

For several years I really wanted a breadmaker. I mean how neat could this be? But I never bought one, even though I could have anytime I wished. So I guess it was not a priority as store bought bread or defrosting a frozen loaf worked for me. Many times I would buy several loaves of bread from my favorite bread store...Great Harvest Bread Company.

Then fast forward and buying bread, even the cheap 59 cent kind slowly crept out of my league as the kids went through it so fast. I missed oatmeal honey bread, raisin bread, and well the free samples from Great Harvest Bread Company! So I went to a thrift store in town and found this book...and the world of breadmaking in my life began.
Several of the pages were kind of well used(you know) which to me meant here is a good recipe...and so I started there.

I can make six loaves of white bread so fast, well not as fast as the way one loaf is always eaten...within minutes of coming out of the oven, but fast none the less!

I can also make unleavened breads, and I actually know what that means.! The center loaf is what I entered in our county fair 2 years ago. It is applesauce bread...I was asked by many people for this recipe. You want to know why? Because I was comfortable enough to begin tweaking recipes and make my own versions and styles of bread!

Here are a few breads I made a few months ago...back left oatmeal wheat bread, back right sourdough rolls, front bagels, front right sourdough bread.

These are pinto bean bread...yummy. I also have won a blue ribbon for this recipe too!

But my learning is a nice story to read, but will not help you out one bit. You must understand that bread has been part of our diets for a long time, and you will miss it if you cannot make it.

I could share recipes etc, but the time is NOW for you to learn how to make bread. Start simple if you are like how I was nervous (as I opted for shop class instead of home ec- shop teacher was a cutie...and never learned how to make bread). Begin making flour tortillas. This is a simple recipe and the taste will leave you ready to jump and begin making breads.

The time is now to learn this skill. I am not suggesting that anyone needs to become Susie Homemakers etc, but I am suggesting that this is and will be a valuable skill. By memorizing a few recipes you can make bread without a book. Everyone around you will love you more, as you are the bread king(no pc correctness here folks!)

Please take the time to learn skills that will benefit you. Our leaders want to put you in jail if you do not have health insurance...SO DON'T YOU DOUBT THAT ANYTHING ELSE. The concern is NOT for the people, but for a Change that will take our nation to a place we are not ready for. Prepping will help you through this...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now is the Time: Part 1 trillion(my new fav number thanks to current spending spree)

Food Storage Daily Tally

chunky applesauce- canned 8 pints
zucchini pickles-canned 4 pints
dried limes-10
dried lemons-5

While sharing this tally I thought I would repeat myself. I am probably sounding like a broken record(for those of you who remember what this sounds like-lol) but I am going to once again stress that now is the time.

Now is the time to stock up on some powdered milk- it is very easy to use in baking and cooking. It does not taste like store bought milk(this is why I have goats in addition to storing powdered milk). But I make all my bread using powdered milk- every morn I make either oatmeal or arroz con leche and use powdered milk. Please stock up on this item, as you do not realize how much you use it until it is gone.

Now is the time to stock up on some honey- it is pricey unless you can buy it at Costco or Sam's club. Honey is so good for the body in joint health and in other ways. Honey is so soothing for sore throats. Honey is a great complement to peanut butter and has NO corn syrup in it like nearly all jellies and jams(unless you have canned your own).

Now is the time to stock up on baking powder-look for aluminum free...it should not be too much more than the one with aluminum...this is something important in baking and can be made from cornstarch and baking soda in a pinch...but if you stock up now then you will be ahead of the game.

Now is the time to create 2 rotating sets of menus- weeks one repeats itself as does week three. Most data suggest that families eat pretty much only ten meals or combination or varieties of the ten meals. Include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks per day... Then refocus your stockpiling as this will give you focus. Please remember that you can change the feel of a meal by adjusting just a few items, and still maintain the integrity of stockpiling items to meet these menus.

Now is the time to understand that you will never have everything. Never. How about the skills you do have? I suggest that you need one additional book that you may not have...click here.

Thank You

Your service matters to me. To all Veterans I salute you today and everyday!
Thank you.
Double Nickel Farm has more

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I thought I would just say hello from New Mexico.
~oh and remind you that if you can stock up foods, medicines, vitamins, toiletries I would advise you to do so. I feel pressed to write to you that stocking up time is now. I would skip some things over others.

~tomato sauce goes for about 20 cents a can----it is a base for so many foods...

---it is cheaper than Crisco, and I think that the taste in products is much better...

~canned tomatoes
---the gallon of whole peeled tomatoes at Costco is under 2.50...

---- bring home and freeze for a day or two to kill off any thing in...

---all kinds. What I read from those who are living solely off food storage is that they never had enough chocolate products. So chocolate syrup, cocoa, chocolate cake mix, brownie mixes, chocolate pudding...I am not a big chocolate fan but this advice is sound, so I promote it and have myself been adding these items for my family.

My advice to the two or so that read this blog is that if you can buy some food because you have a few coins PLEASE do so!!

I can not stress this enough so I am typing this again...Please, please buy wisely and plan ahead.

The Time Is Now

After reading several blogs and even from what I feel, I believe a sense of urgency is upon us all. We are beginning to understand that we may not learn everything, but we feel pressed to continue on.

I have been a huge advocate of preparing foods yourself instead of buying store bought canned goods. I do understand that it is an easy fix and quick, but it is far too wasteful on your budget and health.

A pound of dried beans equals 2 cups of cooked beans. A can of 15.5 oz beans is just about 1 cup of beans with added ingredients such as corn syrup, sugar, and other preservatives. The price I pay for one bag(1 pound of beans) is around $1.00. What I noted for canned beans even generic or store brands cost around 80 cents! So for the same quantity you pay an additional 60 cents per item. Now that may seem inconsequential when we think of one item, but take it to the scale of food storage for a family of four for the year. According to the food storage calculator a family of four needs about 240 pounds of beans. Make your dollar go further and invest in more for less.

I cannot negate the value of preparing the beans yourself. You can monitor anything put in and of course season the beans for your likes. Click here to learn about all the different kinds of beans that are out there. Click here to learn how to reduce the potential gas that the beans cause.

I challenge all readers to buy ten pounds of beans a week until the New Year. This will be such a benefit to you. By the way on each bag of dried beans is a way to prepare them and how to soak the beans so if you do not remember to print the bean page you will be fine. It does take planning, but is easy to get in the routine.

For another tip this week the sweet potato is being spotlighted on Worlds Healthiest Foods. If you are a smoker please read about the sweet potato because it is excellent in combating things that cigarettes cause. I love sweet potatoes but do not eat them the traditional way. I eat one sweet potato each day- I peel it, dice it, and skillet cook it in 1 tbsp of olive oil.

Friends please heed the importance of preparing. Be smart with your money even if you are comfy financially, as you could spend more wisely...when we see all the signs around us of a government that is choosing to isolate us from our allies(think Barack Obama NOT attending the 20 year anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down)...and our dollar has lost its value and nations are crying for another currency...IT IS REAL. The prepper circuit is here to clue you in via many volunteers how to build up storage, prep for scenarios, and how to out last anything. The question is this: ARE YOU WILLING TO SEE THE TRUTH?


Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Stockpiling

As it is November I am suggesting that all readers take advantage of the holiday sales.

Turkey-cook, can freeze, make broth
pumpkin(in can)- soups, pies, cookies, breads, muffins
cranberry sauce- cookies, granola bars as is
broth- beef or chicken- for soup base, for those ill
sweet potatoes- can, dry, as is
potatoes- can, dry, as is
celery- dry, as is
olives- as is
cane sugar- in place of refined sugar
pickles-as is
mayonnaise- as is
gravy mixes
cran drinks
oranges- dry, as is
nuts- great and store in freezer
spices- many on sale -stock up
jello- this is a good thing to have on hand for small children or when sick(drink hot)
cake mixes, frostings, cocoa- all important for sanity items in crises

So do you get the idea? Use your change jars and invest in your food storage this holiday season. I recommend curbing ALL holiday expenses(usually stuff that we don't want and break days after the holidays) and instead make items for loved ones. A few years ago I made a monopoly board game for the family of all the places we lived and where all the children were born. It was a big hit and I learned how much I wasted for years by not thinking ahead of simple ideas that would unite the family instead of causing financial dependency. We are a huge part of the problem with the economy as we have had to have things now, instead of saving for items. Now is the time to remove commercialism from our homes. This is the time to stop.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Are you Hungry or Are you Dieting?

We are inundated with images and messages of eating proper to maintain a healthy weight. Hollywood is filled with scrawny, skin and bones folks that make the population covet thinness. People in war torn countries or famine plagued countries or poor countries would not be able to process this notion.

That is a real concern for those of us who are preppers. Can you imagine? Can you imagine not having the skills, the money, or the food to feed those around you to include yourself? How incredibly far reached for us in the US and Canada to think that we are exempt.

Prepping is NOT just about stockpiling items. It is a mental game too- learning skills to be able to garden, preserve healing, and survive natural disasters. No one wishes to starve. No parent wishes to see a child starve to death.

Are you clear on the purpose of prepping? Because if you are only stockpiling and have no understanding of how to store up foods- such as canning, drying, and pickling, you may run out of food as it will spoil. If you cannot drive your car and you need a backup means to leave the area-what next? Do you understand?

One more thing to think about- Germany. The Jews that were in hiding- do you know how they were found? They were found(usually) because someone who knew that they were hiding turned them in.( Just hoping to make you think.)

Prepping must be the knowledge and understanding of how to act, when to act, and what to implement.

Just my rambling thoughts today.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

This is Not Good for this New Mexico Prepper

PELOSI: Buy a $15,000 Policy or Go to Jail;
Failure to Comply, 5 Years in Prison...

via Drudge

And it passes the House

I have no words. I just want to cry.
I think I look good in orange...
I guess I can roll up the pant legs?

Friday, November 6, 2009


Unemployment numbers have reached 10.2%.

One in ten Americans that can work are not able to find work.

Welcome to the prepper movement.

We are here to help folks learn new skills and ways to survive crises of any kind. Losing a job is a crisis of the first kind.

We share tips on food preservation, animal care, and even ways to adapt to getting off the grid or foraging. One will learn how to stretch foods, grow foods, and even connect with preppers who are living in an understanding that we are not on a solid foundation as Americans. We live knowing that our government cannot sustain the spending that is ongoing.

Do not believe that you will be exempt from some sort of crisis in your life. Whether you live in areas that have tornadoes or hurricanes, or some other thing, preparing for a worst case scenario can and most likely will get you through a situation that causes others to panic.

Please feel free to visit the various states and even the Canadian prepper circuit, as we are all volunteering our tips and skills to help others. If you are so inclined we all would love to have others from our state to share tips and write with the network.

10.2%- it is likely that you know someone who is unemployed or are unemployed. I am so sorry that times are the way they are. Prep on because I am even more sad that I believe we are at the beginning of the downward spiral.

Pray friends if you are a praying person as times and folks all around can sure use our prayers.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

NAU-USANORTH Logo and more Globalism

I thought the readers here should take a look at this. It goes hand in hand with Jennifer's last post. I don't know how much proof those who refuse to see the truth need. They can call us tin hatters all they want. But facts are facts, and fact is: The fedgovs are incrementally spoon feeding us globalism to prepare us for a one world government. Read more on NAU-USANorth Logo Here

And while I'm sitting here in my truck with no freight due to the Global meltdown of our economy caused by global banks, corporations and the Fedgovs as well as outsourcing labor to sweat shops and slave camps in places like China and Mexico. I thought I'd take a picture of my transponder that's mounted on the windshield of my truck. It's called NorPass. It's weigh station bypass transponder partnered with Bestpass a toll road transponder designed specifically for trucks to bypass weigh stations and run toll roads on "North American" Highways....Sound familiar? NAU, NAFTA Super highway? hmmmmm? I've seen, with my own eyes, the construction going on with these "Tin Hatter" highways that you say don't exist .

Google Trans Texas Corridor, better yet, here's a link to their website: KeepTexasMoving.com So for all you non-tinhatters explain to me why Texas would build such a superhighway and just have it dead-end in North Eastern Texas? Could it be maybe that it will continue on through the U.S. and on up to Canada? Who cares if they call it "NAFTA Super Highway"? They could call it "Mickey Mouse Highway" for all I care, It still is what it is, you cannot deny that. (*Note I've just noticed that the Keep Texas Moving main page of the website now reads "In response to public comment TXDOT recommends no action on TTC-35. Looks like public protest is helping stall the highway construction. At least they are holding back one segment of it. Good Job Texans! Keep it up! it's still a long uphill battle)

Did you know many of these toll roads are leased to Cintra? With "No Compete Clauses". Cintra is a global corporation based in Spain who owns infrastructure all around the world. Here's the wikipedia link which means we can't build any public roads that compete with their highway systems. That means they will have a monopoly to toll you (at whatever rate they want) to drive on roads that should be paid for with the fuel tax that you already pay (By the way those fuel taxes will be going up much higher with the Cape and Tax Laws that will go in effect to fund the Global Government)

Explain to me, you non-tinhatters, why all the Government and Corporate propaganda to promote the North American Union and Globalism? Why the legislation? Why the funding of Global organizations? Why a need for a "World Trade Organization", a "United Nations", or "International Monetary Fund"

Here's a good pic showing proposed segments of the "nonexistent" NAFTA Superhighway....Oh also note, that Aliance Texas is an entire pre-planned inland port city that has multiple lanes of highways (with very little traffic on them yet, they are planning ahead to make that a NAFTA port city complete with Inter-modal rail, a cargo only airport, truck terminals, and Warehouses). I've been there myself and seen the amount of construction going on to support the infrastructure of this highway system.

So in case you can't see the writing on the wall I will spell it out to you very clearly

1) We already know that tens of thousands of jobs have been lost to NAFTA...Ever been to Detroit lately? Those jobs are now in Mexico taking advantage of cheap labor.

2) We know that China, our largest trade partner, has most of the manufacturing jobs that used to be here in the U.S....Ever wonder why there are no Magnvox TV's anymore?

3) Ever notice that many times when you call costumer service for some company that you get someone from India? It's much cheaper to route the call to India and pay their labor than to pay someone in the U.S. for $7 an hour...Oh when they can't get someone over seas to do it they'll use slave labor from Non-violent criminals who serve time in prison. Ever wonder about all the excessive laws that are being written and why we have so many non-violent crimes on the books that are now felonies? Got to get your slaves from somewhere.

4) We know that the government flat out refuses to stop illegal immigration. What they can't outsource they will in-source.

5) We know that the government and corporations plan to replace U.S. truck drivers with with Mexican drivers who will work for pennies on the dollar.

Here is what will happen (Is Happening)

Slave labor goods are produced in China, those will come into Mexican ports where they do not have to pay Longshoreman Union wages. Watch the U.S. Port city economies collapse in the near future. Those goods will then either be brought into the U.S. on trains or Mexican trucks by Mexican drivers who will fuel up on diesel in Mexico where it's much cheaper, taking more jobs away from Americans (watch as many U.S. truck stops will soon go out of business) and raising up fuel tax rates for everyone else here because U.S. truckers pay a large bulk of the nations fuel tax revenue (that revenue will no longer be available....it'll get passed onto the automobile drivers.) Those goods will then be delivered in U.S. warehouses where many illegal immigrants work....well maybe they'll make them legal with guest worker cards...But we have to compete for the lower wages. You will then be able to buy more cheaper crap products with guess what? More credit, because in case you hadn't noticed there will be no U.S. jobs left. They're all being outsourced.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Right Before Our Eyes

This post is in response to a comment I received when I wrote about the new Navy Recruitment Poster.

I have explained many times why I am on the path of prepper, or as I see myself, as living a life of simplicity, but I believe I am going to have to delve deeper to explain why I continue to point out things the way I do.

Let us ponder the Navy Recruitment poster: Now after you have looked at it, think about this- one does not gain 40 pounds overnight. Each day one slowly packs on a few more ounces and then bam they are overweight. When they looked in the mirror each day, they were immune to the bigger picture of weight gain as it slowly. It was in front of the person day in day out that they were gaining weight, but were unable to spot the changes. You see it is a gradual thing gaining weight.

So is the slow changes that have been happening to our nation. We have slowly been creeping towards global world, and less of the United States continuing to stand by themselves. Our schools have altered curricula so that the children are becoming world citizens more than American citizens.

We have slowly chewed on Treaties such as the Kyoto Treaty and the UN Rights of the Child to the point that we are very close to signing them. Both remove sovereignty of the US and places America upon the world stage and in the World Court.

We have witnessed a slow backstep from pride in America to standing with our shoulders folded in and in shame. We no longer are standing when the colors are marched in front of us in parades, and we award those who desecrate the flag artistic awards.

You see we have slowly been changing our nation right in front of our eyes, and that is why someone will stand and leave a comment suggesting that I am a bit tin foil hatty for noting the global US Navy????Or should I say global America's Navy. This is change and I am the one noted as off my rocker.

Just like one who gradually gains weight it is shocking to realize how fast it was truly put on...that is what I see. I see the way it has taken so long(yet seems so quick) that my nation has changed...

Did you know what happened to those before us who saw all kinds of signs and warning lights, and most likely were called similar names like tin foil hatters or paranoid or worry warts-click here.

By the way, I lived in Germany for 4 years in the early nineties...I spent a good deal of time traveling and trying to come to grips with how an entire nation can allow something so horrific to happen. I left with the realization that many CHOSE to ignore the warning signs as long as it would not affect them. When there was time to stop Hitler, many pretended he was not too bad. Many wanted to blame someone for something. Many were fed up with the shame from WWI. It was easy to look the other way at first, as I am sure most had no idea the plan that Hitler had to eradicate the Jew.

I believe that we are very close to times where we will need to stand up or look the other way. I know what I will do...how about you?

Oh and for the record- I look great in tinfoil!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Did You Know You Could Make Pectin?

Yep, it is true- after a few weeks of searching I found this recipe!

2 pounds of small green apples or immature apples or crabapples
4 cups of water

  1. Wash apples trim bad parts, and slice very thinly. Place in large stockpot; add two cups of water for each pound of apples. Cover pan boil 15 minutes.
  2. Strain juice through cheesecloth. Do not squeeze pulp. Reserve the juice.
  3. Put the pulp back into the pan; add same amount of water. Cook 15 minutes over medium heat.
  4. Strain juices through cheesecloth, without squeezing the pulp. When pulp cools, you can press more juice from it.
  5. Heat stock to boiling point. Ladle into sterilized jars, leaving 1/2 " headspace. Remove air bubbles. Cap and seal.
  6. Process in water bath canner for 10 minutes.

Makes 1 1/2 cups.

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