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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Time Is Now

After reading several blogs and even from what I feel, I believe a sense of urgency is upon us all. We are beginning to understand that we may not learn everything, but we feel pressed to continue on.

I have been a huge advocate of preparing foods yourself instead of buying store bought canned goods. I do understand that it is an easy fix and quick, but it is far too wasteful on your budget and health.

A pound of dried beans equals 2 cups of cooked beans. A can of 15.5 oz beans is just about 1 cup of beans with added ingredients such as corn syrup, sugar, and other preservatives. The price I pay for one bag(1 pound of beans) is around $1.00. What I noted for canned beans even generic or store brands cost around 80 cents! So for the same quantity you pay an additional 60 cents per item. Now that may seem inconsequential when we think of one item, but take it to the scale of food storage for a family of four for the year. According to the food storage calculator a family of four needs about 240 pounds of beans. Make your dollar go further and invest in more for less.

I cannot negate the value of preparing the beans yourself. You can monitor anything put in and of course season the beans for your likes. Click here to learn about all the different kinds of beans that are out there. Click here to learn how to reduce the potential gas that the beans cause.

I challenge all readers to buy ten pounds of beans a week until the New Year. This will be such a benefit to you. By the way on each bag of dried beans is a way to prepare them and how to soak the beans so if you do not remember to print the bean page you will be fine. It does take planning, but is easy to get in the routine.

For another tip this week the sweet potato is being spotlighted on Worlds Healthiest Foods. If you are a smoker please read about the sweet potato because it is excellent in combating things that cigarettes cause. I love sweet potatoes but do not eat them the traditional way. I eat one sweet potato each day- I peel it, dice it, and skillet cook it in 1 tbsp of olive oil.

Friends please heed the importance of preparing. Be smart with your money even if you are comfy financially, as you could spend more wisely...when we see all the signs around us of a government that is choosing to isolate us from our allies(think Barack Obama NOT attending the 20 year anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down)...and our dollar has lost its value and nations are crying for another currency...IT IS REAL. The prepper circuit is here to clue you in via many volunteers how to build up storage, prep for scenarios, and how to out last anything. The question is this: ARE YOU WILLING TO SEE THE TRUTH?


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