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Thursday, November 5, 2009

NAU-USANORTH Logo and more Globalism

I thought the readers here should take a look at this. It goes hand in hand with Jennifer's last post. I don't know how much proof those who refuse to see the truth need. They can call us tin hatters all they want. But facts are facts, and fact is: The fedgovs are incrementally spoon feeding us globalism to prepare us for a one world government. Read more on NAU-USANorth Logo Here

And while I'm sitting here in my truck with no freight due to the Global meltdown of our economy caused by global banks, corporations and the Fedgovs as well as outsourcing labor to sweat shops and slave camps in places like China and Mexico. I thought I'd take a picture of my transponder that's mounted on the windshield of my truck. It's called NorPass. It's weigh station bypass transponder partnered with Bestpass a toll road transponder designed specifically for trucks to bypass weigh stations and run toll roads on "North American" Highways....Sound familiar? NAU, NAFTA Super highway? hmmmmm? I've seen, with my own eyes, the construction going on with these "Tin Hatter" highways that you say don't exist .

Google Trans Texas Corridor, better yet, here's a link to their website: KeepTexasMoving.com So for all you non-tinhatters explain to me why Texas would build such a superhighway and just have it dead-end in North Eastern Texas? Could it be maybe that it will continue on through the U.S. and on up to Canada? Who cares if they call it "NAFTA Super Highway"? They could call it "Mickey Mouse Highway" for all I care, It still is what it is, you cannot deny that. (*Note I've just noticed that the Keep Texas Moving main page of the website now reads "In response to public comment TXDOT recommends no action on TTC-35. Looks like public protest is helping stall the highway construction. At least they are holding back one segment of it. Good Job Texans! Keep it up! it's still a long uphill battle)

Did you know many of these toll roads are leased to Cintra? With "No Compete Clauses". Cintra is a global corporation based in Spain who owns infrastructure all around the world. Here's the wikipedia link which means we can't build any public roads that compete with their highway systems. That means they will have a monopoly to toll you (at whatever rate they want) to drive on roads that should be paid for with the fuel tax that you already pay (By the way those fuel taxes will be going up much higher with the Cape and Tax Laws that will go in effect to fund the Global Government)

Explain to me, you non-tinhatters, why all the Government and Corporate propaganda to promote the North American Union and Globalism? Why the legislation? Why the funding of Global organizations? Why a need for a "World Trade Organization", a "United Nations", or "International Monetary Fund"

Here's a good pic showing proposed segments of the "nonexistent" NAFTA Superhighway....Oh also note, that Aliance Texas is an entire pre-planned inland port city that has multiple lanes of highways (with very little traffic on them yet, they are planning ahead to make that a NAFTA port city complete with Inter-modal rail, a cargo only airport, truck terminals, and Warehouses). I've been there myself and seen the amount of construction going on to support the infrastructure of this highway system.

So in case you can't see the writing on the wall I will spell it out to you very clearly

1) We already know that tens of thousands of jobs have been lost to NAFTA...Ever been to Detroit lately? Those jobs are now in Mexico taking advantage of cheap labor.

2) We know that China, our largest trade partner, has most of the manufacturing jobs that used to be here in the U.S....Ever wonder why there are no Magnvox TV's anymore?

3) Ever notice that many times when you call costumer service for some company that you get someone from India? It's much cheaper to route the call to India and pay their labor than to pay someone in the U.S. for $7 an hour...Oh when they can't get someone over seas to do it they'll use slave labor from Non-violent criminals who serve time in prison. Ever wonder about all the excessive laws that are being written and why we have so many non-violent crimes on the books that are now felonies? Got to get your slaves from somewhere.

4) We know that the government flat out refuses to stop illegal immigration. What they can't outsource they will in-source.

5) We know that the government and corporations plan to replace U.S. truck drivers with with Mexican drivers who will work for pennies on the dollar.

Here is what will happen (Is Happening)

Slave labor goods are produced in China, those will come into Mexican ports where they do not have to pay Longshoreman Union wages. Watch the U.S. Port city economies collapse in the near future. Those goods will then either be brought into the U.S. on trains or Mexican trucks by Mexican drivers who will fuel up on diesel in Mexico where it's much cheaper, taking more jobs away from Americans (watch as many U.S. truck stops will soon go out of business) and raising up fuel tax rates for everyone else here because U.S. truckers pay a large bulk of the nations fuel tax revenue (that revenue will no longer be available....it'll get passed onto the automobile drivers.) Those goods will then be delivered in U.S. warehouses where many illegal immigrants work....well maybe they'll make them legal with guest worker cards...But we have to compete for the lower wages. You will then be able to buy more cheaper crap products with guess what? More credit, because in case you hadn't noticed there will be no U.S. jobs left. They're all being outsourced.


Kymber said...

All of what you say is backed up by facts! Speaking as a Canadian who wants nothing to do with the North American Union - that flag on the US Army North logo scares the freakin beejeezuz out of me as it seems the logo is sitting squarely in the middle of North America and covers Canada too!!! Thanks very much US Army North but we have our own military that we can deploy - get our country off of your logo thanks!!!

Oh AT - what the hell is going on?

American Trucker said...

I dunno Kymber, we love our Candian Friends to the north, we can be good friends, trade with each other, and help each other out when the need arises, but jeeze who wants to be tied to the hip like this?

Kymber said...

AT - thanks - sometimes you are really sweet and an exemplary American friend! we love our American Friends too and we love trading with each other and getting into discussions about "personal carry" (bhahahaha!) - we love it when you make fun of us on South Park and we love knowing that we have so many experienced and knowledgeable Patriots just south of our border. Our 2 countries have worked together for several hundred years and we have your back and you have yours!!! But this crazy UN/NWO is getting out of hand trying to enforce us all into a NAU!!!

my friend, you already know my feelings on all of this from the many discussions that we have had - however, i will share my point of view here so that others can hear it:

if they want to keep shoving this NAU down our throats when none of us want it - we should retaliate. we should form a rebellion-movement that includes anyone who has the name "America" in their continent - that would include patriots from North America, Central America and South America. imagine if all of the patriots from all of those countries - (which makes up about half of the world, i might add) - imagine if we all banded together and formed a resistance movement together???? ever heard of Threepers? all we would need is 3% and then half of the known world would be in rebellion!

hmmmmmm, eh?

woops - looks like i just got my name added to the US Department of Homeland Security Terrorist List.

*bows and gracefully exits the room wearing new title proudly!*

American Trucker said...

LOL....we'll have you turned into a right wing extremist before long.

Kymber said...

see what happens to a completely normal, happy Canadian when they hang around with Americans too long?!?!?!?


Humble wife said...

Smokes...!! I start autumn cleaning and a post and such takes over!Thanks Tom...this is perfectly clear for those who choose to see the truth.

Naysayers have always been around. I think(sadly) of the Tsunami that hit a few years ago. We all have seen video of folks who weren't ready to believe the reality of the situation....as they were snapping pictures and walking outside etc. We must prepare and go forth. For those who refuse to see what is unfolding, I can only pray they catch on soon, as I can share tips but nothing in resources, and it may be too late when one opens their eyes.
Kymber---hola mi amiga!

American Trucker said...

LOL...sorry about the takeover! I had sent Kymber a message telling her that it was a bit ironic to have an Idahoan and a Canadian taking over the NM blog to discuss the NAU and Globalism! Anyway, any chance that I get to grab the mic to talk about Globalism I'm gonna run with it, my apologies but you wouldn't imagine the amount of NWO, NAU, Globalist propaganda by the government and marketing by corporations on this very subject that I see on a daily basis in the transportation industry. Put it this way, businesses always jump on the bandwagon anytime they see a movement that they can capitalize on and it doesn't matter what it is. 9/11: look at all the businesses merchandising 9/11 and patriotic products. Hurricane Katrina: look at all the books and DVD's you can get on hurricane Katrina. Capitalizing on something in of itself isn't necessarily a bad thing. But imagine businesses as a canary in a coal mine, if they start marketing themselves "Global" or "North American" then they most certainly can see and believe that there is a political push in that direction or else they wouldn't see the possible profit potential to market themselves that way.

Humble wife said...

OK too funny to see the Canadian and the Idahoan---you sure keep me smiling Tom!!
I know that you need to post everywhere on this as I proceeded to address the anonymous comment in another post...it is the time and we need to alarm the bells.

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