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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Right Before Our Eyes

This post is in response to a comment I received when I wrote about the new Navy Recruitment Poster.

I have explained many times why I am on the path of prepper, or as I see myself, as living a life of simplicity, but I believe I am going to have to delve deeper to explain why I continue to point out things the way I do.

Let us ponder the Navy Recruitment poster: Now after you have looked at it, think about this- one does not gain 40 pounds overnight. Each day one slowly packs on a few more ounces and then bam they are overweight. When they looked in the mirror each day, they were immune to the bigger picture of weight gain as it slowly. It was in front of the person day in day out that they were gaining weight, but were unable to spot the changes. You see it is a gradual thing gaining weight.

So is the slow changes that have been happening to our nation. We have slowly been creeping towards global world, and less of the United States continuing to stand by themselves. Our schools have altered curricula so that the children are becoming world citizens more than American citizens.

We have slowly chewed on Treaties such as the Kyoto Treaty and the UN Rights of the Child to the point that we are very close to signing them. Both remove sovereignty of the US and places America upon the world stage and in the World Court.

We have witnessed a slow backstep from pride in America to standing with our shoulders folded in and in shame. We no longer are standing when the colors are marched in front of us in parades, and we award those who desecrate the flag artistic awards.

You see we have slowly been changing our nation right in front of our eyes, and that is why someone will stand and leave a comment suggesting that I am a bit tin foil hatty for noting the global US Navy????Or should I say global America's Navy. This is change and I am the one noted as off my rocker.

Just like one who gradually gains weight it is shocking to realize how fast it was truly put on...that is what I see. I see the way it has taken so long(yet seems so quick) that my nation has changed...

Did you know what happened to those before us who saw all kinds of signs and warning lights, and most likely were called similar names like tin foil hatters or paranoid or worry warts-click here.

By the way, I lived in Germany for 4 years in the early nineties...I spent a good deal of time traveling and trying to come to grips with how an entire nation can allow something so horrific to happen. I left with the realization that many CHOSE to ignore the warning signs as long as it would not affect them. When there was time to stop Hitler, many pretended he was not too bad. Many wanted to blame someone for something. Many were fed up with the shame from WWI. It was easy to look the other way at first, as I am sure most had no idea the plan that Hitler had to eradicate the Jew.

I believe that we are very close to times where we will need to stand up or look the other way. I know what I will do...how about you?

Oh and for the record- I look great in tinfoil!


American Trucker said...

Very Well Said

Humble wife said...

Thanks AT :)

Kymber said...

Excellent post Jen! Things sure are getting strange and this "Global Force for Good" thing is really making me wonder and worry!

and since you dangled that teaser at the end - i will call you on it - we need a pic of you in tinfoil - just like ernie's chicken!!! bahahahaha!

Humble wife said...

Kymber lol- one year the kids played dress up- as knights and they wrapped up in foil...and had me dress up too!!! I am and have been for a long time- a tinfoil wardrobe gal!

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