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Monday, October 24, 2011

What do apples have to do with prepping?

First off, forgive me for my lack of prep blogging. This has been a crazy year with things like my oldest in Afghanistan, my mothers illness then death, two teens graduating, crossing the country twice, my father-in-law kind of moving in, my husbands issues and surgery all have been contributing factors to life and not posting.

Secondly, I plan on posting more of my day to day life which is no longer a life of one of a prepper, as I have changed over the years. Instead I have been transformed to a life that many will never understand, and others, perhaps like you will read and nod, or aspire to do as my life is the life of a blending of long ago skills with modern innovation...which will be coming soon to a more regularly scheduled weekly format.

For now I wish to share that I have been researching Kimchi.

The apples are what I put in some batches of Kimchi.

I am going to dive in more and share about Kimchi and how I use it in my life and the farm soon. My question to readers is this: Do you know what kimchi is, and if you do what are your thoughts on it?

Please share as that is what a real prepper is...one that listens, studies, and learns from those that have done something. A prepper appreciates that it is not what we accumulate that will get us through a crises, but what we learn and are able to cart in our mind are the real tools of prepping and survival.

Take care,

Double Nickel Farm

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