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Friday, May 29, 2009

Taste Great Less Filling

My daughter milking on our homemade milk station
As a prepper stockpiling foods is just part of our lives. On my farm we have slowly built up animals that will provide us with our basic needs. As I prepare the majority of foods from scratch, I use milk in my baking daily. Funny until recently I believed that a cow would be the answer to my family's milking needs. Then we began to research the cost of feed, and how we could get away with raising animals that are foragers. Goats are the answer as they cost so little and they forage so well.

We did not begin the farm looking to raise exclusive breeds as I believe the time is past to be selective. We instead, began with a pair of mixed La Mancha goats. La Mancha's have very small ears, and I thought when I first saw them that they were deformed. Since our first La Mancha's we began to barter or trade for more goats. On Craig's*List we found that the barter option is pretty big!

This is one of four goats(bonus=one was pregnant with triplets!)that we traded a 1/4 of a cord of wood

Our pens for the goats are very simple, as we began this lifestyle with the mantra 'Low cost, no cost', and have never wavered. Pallets are the easiest thing to use, and are free at so many locations. We built simple A frame shelters for pairs of goats, and the bonus is that they love to jump up on the pitch of the barns!

Our troughs were made out of salvaged wood from construction sites. Our buckets for drinking water are from a local fast food place- they give us 5- 10 buckets every two weeks, as we use these for many other things(they are food safe with lids)
This is one of the triplets born on the farm this year

Raising goats is such an incredibly easy thing to do. If I can raise goats in the middle of the desert anyone can raise goats. When you consider what is in our milk today this becomes a no brainer, and the bonus is that a doe is a three fold animal- she provides milk, young, and then meat- you can't go wrong with that!

If you are able to as a prepper acquiring a milking goat or a buck and a doe will make all the difference in your comfort level if and when things go bad.
World's Healthiest Foods
Goat's milk Benefits
Goat's milk, cheese, soap
(c) Double Nickel Farm

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This and That

I have been here on the Prep site for a bit now, and have decided to add some things to the blog and direct readers to centralized prep information. This is going to be ongoing, but every time I go to American Prepper's site, I am inspired and have decided I love the organization. So no big tips or news...just a note that I am going to prepare the New Mexico prep site to make it more prepper friendly.

That said, I guess I mean I like that a new visitor can get any information about prepping by a simple click.

Well I cannot leave without giving some prep ideas so here are some links to some posts I wrote for the Canadian Prepper sites...

Have you prepped beyond belief? Would you like to prep to make your own brewery?Click Here.

Here's a link to the cheapest, easiest lamp that you will ever make.

Wondering about Poop? Here's the scoop on Poop(manure) for your garden needs.
Have a great day!

Oh and American Prepper- thanks for inspiring me!

Monday, May 25, 2009

I Will Never Forget

The traditions of Memorial Day for many Americans includes a lovely family get-together and BBQ. I find that living a simple life, simple traditions are easy to maintain, no pressure, no stress, and the normalcy is refreshing.

Memorial Day for others may still include a lovely BBQ after a visit to a cemetery and placing a flag and shedding some tears.

1,008,286 soldiers have paid the ultimate price for our nation. Darryl Worley wrote a song titled Have You Forgotten? This song always makes me choke up, because I think we are forgetting.

As a prepper, we must never forget how we ended up on the path we are on. We must never forget that those before us paved a way, that has afforded us the knowledge, the skills, and the courage to prep for whatever comes our way.

I will never forget.

You see my prepper friends, my dad was killed 2 months before I was born...


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Hi Preppers! Forgive my absence in blogland(except to enter a contest:). I have been out due to allergies. Last year New Mexico was hit hard by the Hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast, sounds funny, considering how far inland we are, but it it true.The resulting monsoon season of 2008* caused tremendous flooding. The flooding impacted this spring's bloom, and everything that is high allergy count has taken its toll on me! ugh.

I have much to blog about as the cliche of the 1940's and the Jew sounds pretty possible. You know the one, where they came for the Jew and I wasn't Jewish... you see the car dealers that are being forced to close are you and I.

How or why? Well they bought and paid for the inventory that they have. They pay for the cars so the Big Three have already capitalized off of the dealers, yet they are being told to close? This is dang bizarre in my opinion. In fact, most of the dealers that have been told to close OWN the lot that their business is on.

Not a car dealer? Not worried?

How about the family that chose not to use chemo for their son? There is a NATIONAL MANHUNT for the mother. Holy Toledo...they are coming, and we are quietly allowing all those before us to fall, and we are SAYING nothing. (who on earth can force medical treatment?- think about this, because the day is coming where you are going to be told that you are too fat or your child is too fat or whatever- and the treatment will be diagnosed by someone and YOU will have to comply)

So I guess that is my post for the night. Please know that I am done sneezing(or at least I am going to pretend that I am)

See ya all soon

*oh and for all of you in a climate that has, well rain- we average 7 inches of rain a year(usually in July)...so my family is most certainly a prepper family for using and salvaging every drop of water that comes our way:)- I asked my daughter if she could remember when it last rained and she said "LAST SUMMER!"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sixty three days

Sixty three days.
We have gone morning and evening to Walmart looking to buy ammo.
You know for target shooting.
Sixty three days.
Some days we are told that they had such and such rounds, but we just missed out.
Some evenings we are told that they stocked in the morning and we just missed out.
Sixty three days.
No ammo for target shooting.

The main clerk is an old *superhero*.
Whenever we question the why's he tells us we are crazy.
Walmart is refilling supplies.
He is always telling us about how the law is for us.
Sixty three days.
For a store that is all about the customer.
No ammo for target shooting.

Know what else our Walmart is not selling? Lamp oil. Candles(not the pretty scented kind).

Friday, May 8, 2009

Prepping Your Children

Life in the US has changed dramatically since I was a kid. I mean even if your family had money you still were left to your imagination most of the time. Toys were special and you got some on Christmas and one or two on your birthday. TV was controlled by idiots, and if something was going on, you missed out on your favorite Saturday night show, The Love Boat. No big deal though, because you could head out doors and find every kid in the neighborhood ready to do something.

Oh and this nonsense passed to cease toys being sold needing to be tested for toxins is a load of governmental Big Brother. I played with lawn darts with 7 other siblings, we shot bow and arrows, and when you could walk you were introduced to the weapons in the home. No one locked up the guns, and I never heard of kids going to the high school to kill someone. Instead during hunting season half the school was out in hopes of bagging something good.

Now our children are pampered and spoiled and they are the most obnoxious group of people on the planet. They need to be entertained all the time. Heck they have music for mothers to listen to before the child arrives(well unless she opts for her choice). Do you remember riding in a car on the back ledge watching those cars behind you? People would wave and you would wave right back. Now we lock the kids up, tie them up, send them off for day care, preschool, grade school, and they never get a chance to be called in for dinner. Most haven't scuffed up a pair of jeans, nor wore hand me downs.(I was lucky, two brothers were ahead of me and they wore Toughskins...I love Toughskins!)

So now what? Are your kids getting more than you ever had? Do they have a TV in their bedrooms? Do they have activities that take them away from home more than two days a week? Do they bring home schoolwork that is all about the environment, Sally having two mommies, and learning how we can all just get along? Well then it is time that you...either a prepper or interested in prepping(because you are here) take back control of your kids and give them a childhood.

I was asked in my previous post about homeschooling and I wondered "how can homeschooling be a way to prepare the whole family?" Well I mean I know, but how can I explain this to you? Well here goes. I homeschool my kids. This is norm for us, although I went to school in education. I would never have guessed that I would do this. From the get go, I was treated like a complete and total renegade for opting to homeschool the kids. This was from people who grew up with my husband and knew our family. Immediately the line was drawn although it would take me several years to understand that the public school has but one enemy- a homeschooled child.

I threw myself into homeschooling how I had been educated. Mind you, my mother was a teacher too(even if she stayed home) and my step dad was a professor, so we were exposed to hands on learning out of the class all the time. But our school for the most part was still outdated and the text were old. In the late 70's I had a history book that stopped at Ike.(Dwight D. Eisenhower)so the books we used were not as tainted as they were shortly thereafter(mid 70's).

Anyhow our school failed kids for not doing well in the fundamentals, and they stressed reading classics. None of this BS that anything they read is positive. No way, there were rules and we understood them because of one thing...the paddle. We had over 30 kids in classrooms, and our schoolbus had three to a seat driven by a slip of a woman named Betty. We were all respectful and in fact we all loved her.

So back to the present. If you understand the reality of the world then you get that a goal of the progressive movement is to destroy an independent person and create a drone. Your children have heard over their educational lifetime that they evolved from nothing, and that guns are evil and oh no Americans are killing the planet. They are taught so much about sex, that the most knowing guy of my high school could be made to blush by a present day fourth grader. The only religion banned from the school is Christianity, and the only document that is spit on is the Constitution. Don't trust me, just read some of the stuff your kids have for books. In the early 90's, I was on a at home student program(the only way in NV at the time to legally home school) and I was teaching my son from the books from the school. I stopped using the books after one big mistake, they listed Columbus discovering the New World in 1500.(remember the way to never forget? Columbus sailed the ocean blue...in fourteen hundred and ninety two?)...

No my children are prepared to be functional Americans, like our Founding Fathers desired. In fact we read mostly from texts or books that are over fifty years old. We have been reading the Constitution during lunch for a good while now, and the discussions have become animated. Since Hilary became Secretary of State my kids have debated her legality. In addition we read books, not the drivel that comes out today. No we read the classics which have been great tools to prepare the kids for times ahead. We have read poetry and studied the Bible historically, as the best prep item anyone can have is the Bible, being able to read it, and accepting the gift of Pardon offered.

When my sons were younger we had them read the Louis Lamour collection. You know why? Honor. Men were applauded for being good, hard working, honorable men. We all have read the Little House serious written by Laura Ingalls Wilder because honor and family are once again instilled. If you have read the series the father expects NOTHING from the government and gets angry at any interference.

Prepping your children is not through a few evenings of buying supplies or building things. Prepping your child begins by challenging their minds. Have them read Swiss Family Robinson and then discuss the probabilities of all the good fortune. But never minimize how they thought on their feet all the time. Prepping is not living a substandard life, but one of quality and comfort on a whole new level.

Prepping your child is teaching them like our forefathers knew, to keep their mouth closed more often then not and study and learn from those older than them. In the army, as a dependent wife I watched many and AFN(armed forces network) commercial about "loose lips sink ships". I think that this is key to your family being a prepper family all across the board.

Prepping your child is teaching against the grain. The world teaches to charge and build up a credit score. You need to teach your children to wait until they can afford it. You need to teach them how to manage money and that an honest job, no matter the wage, is much more valuable than a college education and selling your morals down the river every morning at 9 am.

Homeschooling is a way to prepare the next generation of leaders that can step up and challenge the norm of socialism and the greater good. When I was a kid, we wanted to win, we wanted to be our best and we darn well knew if we lied or cheated or stole something that we were an outcast. Now we have the liars and the cheaters and the thieves running the show. So folks if you wish to be a prepper all across the board, remove the governmental control over your most precious commodity. I have homeschooled for 15+ years and will answer as many questions as possible and even call you if you are in the US. Please feel free to contact me at penofjen(at) yahoo(dot) com.
(c) Double Nickel Farm

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Post IS Lacking a Title but is FULL of Something!

Do you ever get to the point in a day where you just want to move to the mountains and not return?

I have been wondering if the people are so used to flipping the channel when they come to a program that they do not like, that they have been mentally flipping the channel when the truth has been presented to them?

I mean come on, instead of dieting, we have tummy tucks, liposuction, and whatnot's.

Instead of maintaining a car, we trade it in every few years.

Instead of maintaining a marriage(yes marriages have lots of bumps) we dissolve the union.

Instead of making dinner, we drive to a chintzy carnival building and allow snot nosed teens to cook for us.

Instead of cleaning our homes, we hire people(who speak no English) and then feign indignation when our borders have become more porous than a colander.

Instead of being the parents we should be, we ship our kids off from birth to adulthood...one institution to another. Daycare, preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, college. Oh and so that we maximize quality time vs quantity time, we shuttle these thingies to soccer, baseball, football, dance, ballet, music lessons, hockey, ping pong championships, student council, volunteer America...all so we can pat ourselves on the back and show how great of a job we are doing. ~side note...who spends the most time with your child? You, your spouse, the state, their coach, their friends? I think that you should tally the time - because the time to SLOW DOWN IS NOW.

So as I come back to the circle of prepping, I find myself in a crazy position. Those that are reading these blogs for fodder in their blogging post, will some day wish to track us down. You know why? Because they will want us to remind them of the post where we shared such and such a tip.

You know some days I just want to run away to the mountains. Oops I forgot, I am at the base of a lovely mountain. I guess what I mean is I want to close my ears and eyes tight and pretend that the people DO GET IT.

Anyhooo~~ I shared a few neat things around the web this past week, so if you wish to read about a Lady Liberty not fulfilling her role go here.
~If you wish to refresh your mind on having an emergency contact go here.
~If you wish to read about my tire gardens go here.
~If you wish to read my post titled Stop, go here.
~If you wish to read about my post about fish preservation, go here.
~If you wish to read about a gadget to have on hand, go here.

Oh and please feel free to leave me a comment. I have not made the rounds in a bit, because I have been a bit busy here and there and on the farm. I may not have mentioned too much about my personal life, I mean who doesn't have a personal life, but things are quiet busy. Perhaps it is homeschooling three kids and trying to have them complete their studies in the next few weeks(because of the UN Rights of a Child Act which we most certainly will sign). Perhaps it is having nearly 100 chickens(50 new), 18 ducks, several geese, 6 Black Spanish Turkeys, 12 goats(and one is pregnant) 7 Navajo Churro sheep...perhaps it is because of these things, perhaps it is because it has been over 95 for the past week...inside and out! Well who knows? But know this, I appreciate the preppers all over the nation, and Canada and thank you all for the brilliant ideas I have learned so far.

Please return because little ole' Humble Wife is going to have a giveaway soon. It is not as cool as Bullseye's giveaway, but I promise it will be something to make your prepping life a bit easier!

So have a fantastic eve...
(c) Double Nickel Farm

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

UPDATES ON BOTTOM OF POST: Timberon NM Voluntarily Evacuates: Wildfire

Timberon NM is voluntarily evacuating due to a wildfire. If you click on this photo and look in the center you will see the smoke from the Timberon wildfire. This is a reality that New Mexicans must face every year. Prepping for a natural disaster is an important part of the prepper lifestyle. The folks up in the mountain needed to leave quickly and I pray that they were prepared.

All day we have had water planes fly overhead hauling water to put out the fire. It is dark now and I still hear the planes. I did not know they continued even into the night. But I am focusing on a real scenario for many people living in the southwest.

Wildfires are often sparked quickly and you may have little time to grab anything but your children. This is not something to panic about. This is something to prep for. The reality of the speed of a wildfire means that nothing should be grabbed because time is everything.

This is where outside connectors are your lifeline. You must never forget to have persons outside your region that can and will open their door to you and yours(just as you should do in exchange). Your vehicle should have vital things already in it- about three changes of clothing per person, toiletries, meds for any prescriptions, perhaps an extra pair of glasses, some food, snacks, and water for three days, some emergency blankets, and some vital copies of paperwork. No not your wills etc, but how many in family, emergency addresses and numbers and where your paperwork is stored. Bank safety deposit boxes or where you feel cozy are ok. I assume I will just replace the social security numbers, collect tax paperwork from my tax man, be legally free from my husband(smile NEVER) ...

If a wildfire comes quickly I accept a sad fact- my farm animals may die. But if I have time, we can round up most if not all, but in a rush the kids and husband and I...

So friends be prepared for the natural disasters that are regulars to your region and then prep for the unexpected.
(c) Double Nickel Farm

**news update at 10pm- 2-3 structures have burned and 70 are threatened

UPDATE Thursday 9:45 pm...fire 20% contained. 3 homes burned 5 outbuildings. Most of the evacuated residents are opting to stay at hotels. A local high school is the shelter for the approximately 15 people choosing the Red Cross assistance.

Residents who are concerned about their property or access to the area can call a fire hotline at (575) 682-2733.

may our prayers go out to this community

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where Do You Fit In?

Understanding your place in prepping will make all the difference. What do I mean understanding ones place? Well this : you are now prepping- but what were you before? Were you once part of the problem that has made the prepper's evolve?

Were you keeping up with the Jones? Did you have all the toys(of course on credit)?
Did you keep buying a new vehicle, even though your old one was running well? Did you move at least once to a newer home, perhaps bigger?

Then your actions were part of the crumbling foundation that we are on. Yes my actions too.

Now to understanding. You see I read many many prepper blogs. Some are in the circuit and others are not even really calling themselves preppers. A common place for a former Jones seeker is that of buying every new gadget, every new food product, every medical or herbal kit, etc for their prepper lifestyle~Let's call this prepper a Jones Prepper.

Another place for a prepper is to absorb(learn) everything that they can about how to's for themselves. While on a crash course at Self Sufficiency University they have begun to store foods, supplies, and tools that will hold them over until a crop can be planted. They understand that electricity may go and understand that candles will eventually run out- so they do not stockpile candles, but instead learn how to make the candles~Let's call this prepper a Self Sufficient Prepper.

I wonder if, after reading this post which prepper are you? You see this post is not to point fingers or shame you. No, I wrote this so you would understand that a prepper's lifestyle is not something that you should ever stop. It is not a game or make believe in anticipation of a scenario we see portrayed in the movies. Nope---one should be a prepper so that one is prepared for anything. Although the NWO and the problems of our government have inspired many, a real concern EVERY SEASON...is that of natural disasters, such as flooding, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and everything in between. These are real situations that many of us have faced at least once, and perhaps we were ill prepared. That is what you should be focusing, all the while understanding the bigger reasons(I will post on how I believe a self sufficient prepper will handle the BIGGER reasons in an upcoming post)

Money and buying your lifestyle of prepping is grand, and hey if you have it spend it, but if you are charging your lifestyle You are still the problem! Yes, you are! And you need to come to terms with your situation- and the economic situation that we are now in DUE to spending on credit and you need to enroll in Self Sufficiency University...admission is free and the library has most, if not all of the textbooks that you will need!
(c) Double Nickel Farm

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Serious Prepper!

In all areas of my life I am a prepper. I hope that you are not harsh in your judgment of me, but I really don't like to be shorthanded when I am conducting *business*!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Medicine in the Wild

In the southwest it is important to recognize the plant which we call Brigham Tea(after Brigham Young).
I collect the plants and then dry them for tea. It has tremendous versatility. I have used it for teas for anyone feeling ill in the house, or as a pick me up tea. It is funny that the pharmacy is not the first place I race to for many needs.

So if you see the plant, clip off the stems and take home and dry. I dry them in a brown paper sack and then store in a jar. We must never minimize the value of foods/medicines in our environment. It would be a wise investment to buy some books about your region and learn of the native plants-which are edible and which are toxic.

Here are several links to learn more about the tea:
Brigham Tea
Viable Herbal Solutions
Ephedra( genus)
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