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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This and That

I have been here on the Prep site for a bit now, and have decided to add some things to the blog and direct readers to centralized prep information. This is going to be ongoing, but every time I go to American Prepper's site, I am inspired and have decided I love the organization. So no big tips or news...just a note that I am going to prepare the New Mexico prep site to make it more prepper friendly.

That said, I guess I mean I like that a new visitor can get any information about prepping by a simple click.

Well I cannot leave without giving some prep ideas so here are some links to some posts I wrote for the Canadian Prepper sites...

Have you prepped beyond belief? Would you like to prep to make your own brewery?Click Here.

Here's a link to the cheapest, easiest lamp that you will ever make.

Wondering about Poop? Here's the scoop on Poop(manure) for your garden needs.
Have a great day!

Oh and American Prepper- thanks for inspiring me!


Kymber said...

BAAHAHAHAHAHA - you said POOP again!!!!
(okay from now on you are Beavis and i am Butthead - no wait a sec...._)

anyway - i hear ya about being inspired! and AP rocks - what an awesome guy to start up this whole dang network eh?

anyway - the NMPN is one of my faves (and i am not just saying that because you post like a fool on the empty provinces on the CPN! i mean it!) and i look forward to every single one of your future posts!

Anonymous said...

Kymber beat me to it...you said poop ROFL.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Humble wife said...

You guys!! Hellooo....how many times can one say poop as an adult??? Not many! So I am here breaking down barriers!!!lolo

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