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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Hi Preppers! Forgive my absence in blogland(except to enter a contest:). I have been out due to allergies. Last year New Mexico was hit hard by the Hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast, sounds funny, considering how far inland we are, but it it true.The resulting monsoon season of 2008* caused tremendous flooding. The flooding impacted this spring's bloom, and everything that is high allergy count has taken its toll on me! ugh.

I have much to blog about as the cliche of the 1940's and the Jew sounds pretty possible. You know the one, where they came for the Jew and I wasn't Jewish... you see the car dealers that are being forced to close are you and I.

How or why? Well they bought and paid for the inventory that they have. They pay for the cars so the Big Three have already capitalized off of the dealers, yet they are being told to close? This is dang bizarre in my opinion. In fact, most of the dealers that have been told to close OWN the lot that their business is on.

Not a car dealer? Not worried?

How about the family that chose not to use chemo for their son? There is a NATIONAL MANHUNT for the mother. Holy Toledo...they are coming, and we are quietly allowing all those before us to fall, and we are SAYING nothing. (who on earth can force medical treatment?- think about this, because the day is coming where you are going to be told that you are too fat or your child is too fat or whatever- and the treatment will be diagnosed by someone and YOU will have to comply)

So I guess that is my post for the night. Please know that I am done sneezing(or at least I am going to pretend that I am)

See ya all soon

*oh and for all of you in a climate that has, well rain- we average 7 inches of rain a year(usually in July)...so my family is most certainly a prepper family for using and salvaging every drop of water that comes our way:)- I asked my daughter if she could remember when it last rained and she said "LAST SUMMER!"


Anonymous said...

Hope you get to feeling better Jennifer.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Marie said...

I just left a comment over at Kansas Prepper's Network that will be pretty close to what I'm going to ask here--over there, a State Representative said that the GM deal was illegal. I think that there are a lot of people that would like to stand up and speak, but are unclear about what needs to be done. In the example there, if what is going on is illegal within the system, then there must be a way to fix it within the system. Who do we contact? What kind of bill needs to be introduced, and by whom? If it isn't illegal, then these are the consequences of the election process, and majority rules. And since majority rules, then if enough people contact the right people, and the right people listen to the people who elect them, then things can change by majority rules...Sorry to be long, but sometimes, in my opinion, it's lack of knowledge, not caring, that causes inaction...

Humble wife said...

Matthiasj - Thank you:)

Marie- I find your comment refreshing. Never worry about writing lots, as I see exactly what you are saying. We need to stand as we never have before, and your advice is sound. We need to contact our elected officials...

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