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Friday, May 8, 2009

Prepping Your Children

Life in the US has changed dramatically since I was a kid. I mean even if your family had money you still were left to your imagination most of the time. Toys were special and you got some on Christmas and one or two on your birthday. TV was controlled by idiots, and if something was going on, you missed out on your favorite Saturday night show, The Love Boat. No big deal though, because you could head out doors and find every kid in the neighborhood ready to do something.

Oh and this nonsense passed to cease toys being sold needing to be tested for toxins is a load of governmental Big Brother. I played with lawn darts with 7 other siblings, we shot bow and arrows, and when you could walk you were introduced to the weapons in the home. No one locked up the guns, and I never heard of kids going to the high school to kill someone. Instead during hunting season half the school was out in hopes of bagging something good.

Now our children are pampered and spoiled and they are the most obnoxious group of people on the planet. They need to be entertained all the time. Heck they have music for mothers to listen to before the child arrives(well unless she opts for her choice). Do you remember riding in a car on the back ledge watching those cars behind you? People would wave and you would wave right back. Now we lock the kids up, tie them up, send them off for day care, preschool, grade school, and they never get a chance to be called in for dinner. Most haven't scuffed up a pair of jeans, nor wore hand me downs.(I was lucky, two brothers were ahead of me and they wore Toughskins...I love Toughskins!)

So now what? Are your kids getting more than you ever had? Do they have a TV in their bedrooms? Do they have activities that take them away from home more than two days a week? Do they bring home schoolwork that is all about the environment, Sally having two mommies, and learning how we can all just get along? Well then it is time that you...either a prepper or interested in prepping(because you are here) take back control of your kids and give them a childhood.

I was asked in my previous post about homeschooling and I wondered "how can homeschooling be a way to prepare the whole family?" Well I mean I know, but how can I explain this to you? Well here goes. I homeschool my kids. This is norm for us, although I went to school in education. I would never have guessed that I would do this. From the get go, I was treated like a complete and total renegade for opting to homeschool the kids. This was from people who grew up with my husband and knew our family. Immediately the line was drawn although it would take me several years to understand that the public school has but one enemy- a homeschooled child.

I threw myself into homeschooling how I had been educated. Mind you, my mother was a teacher too(even if she stayed home) and my step dad was a professor, so we were exposed to hands on learning out of the class all the time. But our school for the most part was still outdated and the text were old. In the late 70's I had a history book that stopped at Ike.(Dwight D. Eisenhower)so the books we used were not as tainted as they were shortly thereafter(mid 70's).

Anyhow our school failed kids for not doing well in the fundamentals, and they stressed reading classics. None of this BS that anything they read is positive. No way, there were rules and we understood them because of one thing...the paddle. We had over 30 kids in classrooms, and our schoolbus had three to a seat driven by a slip of a woman named Betty. We were all respectful and in fact we all loved her.

So back to the present. If you understand the reality of the world then you get that a goal of the progressive movement is to destroy an independent person and create a drone. Your children have heard over their educational lifetime that they evolved from nothing, and that guns are evil and oh no Americans are killing the planet. They are taught so much about sex, that the most knowing guy of my high school could be made to blush by a present day fourth grader. The only religion banned from the school is Christianity, and the only document that is spit on is the Constitution. Don't trust me, just read some of the stuff your kids have for books. In the early 90's, I was on a at home student program(the only way in NV at the time to legally home school) and I was teaching my son from the books from the school. I stopped using the books after one big mistake, they listed Columbus discovering the New World in 1500.(remember the way to never forget? Columbus sailed the ocean blue...in fourteen hundred and ninety two?)...

No my children are prepared to be functional Americans, like our Founding Fathers desired. In fact we read mostly from texts or books that are over fifty years old. We have been reading the Constitution during lunch for a good while now, and the discussions have become animated. Since Hilary became Secretary of State my kids have debated her legality. In addition we read books, not the drivel that comes out today. No we read the classics which have been great tools to prepare the kids for times ahead. We have read poetry and studied the Bible historically, as the best prep item anyone can have is the Bible, being able to read it, and accepting the gift of Pardon offered.

When my sons were younger we had them read the Louis Lamour collection. You know why? Honor. Men were applauded for being good, hard working, honorable men. We all have read the Little House serious written by Laura Ingalls Wilder because honor and family are once again instilled. If you have read the series the father expects NOTHING from the government and gets angry at any interference.

Prepping your children is not through a few evenings of buying supplies or building things. Prepping your child begins by challenging their minds. Have them read Swiss Family Robinson and then discuss the probabilities of all the good fortune. But never minimize how they thought on their feet all the time. Prepping is not living a substandard life, but one of quality and comfort on a whole new level.

Prepping your child is teaching them like our forefathers knew, to keep their mouth closed more often then not and study and learn from those older than them. In the army, as a dependent wife I watched many and AFN(armed forces network) commercial about "loose lips sink ships". I think that this is key to your family being a prepper family all across the board.

Prepping your child is teaching against the grain. The world teaches to charge and build up a credit score. You need to teach your children to wait until they can afford it. You need to teach them how to manage money and that an honest job, no matter the wage, is much more valuable than a college education and selling your morals down the river every morning at 9 am.

Homeschooling is a way to prepare the next generation of leaders that can step up and challenge the norm of socialism and the greater good. When I was a kid, we wanted to win, we wanted to be our best and we darn well knew if we lied or cheated or stole something that we were an outcast. Now we have the liars and the cheaters and the thieves running the show. So folks if you wish to be a prepper all across the board, remove the governmental control over your most precious commodity. I have homeschooled for 15+ years and will answer as many questions as possible and even call you if you are in the US. Please feel free to contact me at penofjen(at) yahoo(dot) com.
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Anonymous said...

I think it's great you home school...the state ran schools are a joke.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer,
very good post! I came across it as you'd written about your work on the Bison Survival Blog.
I was surprised when you wrote that you'd had so many venomous replies...and now, having read what you've written, understand only all too well, why that is so.
You touched a nerve, Jennifer! You (indirectly) made an observation, that is mind-bogglingly obvious...but that some people refuse to be confronted with, i.e. quite simply, that THEY are (ultimately) responsible
for the things - positive and negative - that happen to them.
I don't necessarily mean the exotic things like a general disaster but - with some people - when the conversation turns to - goodness knows what - drowning, fire, power failure, then I've had the experience that some people will say, yes, but "a" is responsible and then I reply, yes but you're ultimately responsible, to which the reply will be that "b" and then "c" are also responsible, to which I repeat that THEY are ULTIMATELY responsible. Result: some Very Angry People!
It sounds nasty, Jennifer but I'm convinced that there just Are Some People who, when you confront them with this idea, they just don't want to hear it.
I rest my case, Your Honor - Jennifer is right and her critics are wrong! (Keep up the good work)- Klaus

Humble wife said...

Matthiasj- thank you for your comment. I do agree that the public schools are most of the problem.

Klaus- thank you for your *defense*! I appreciate your swinging by. Yes, I have struck a nerve and believe me on my farm blog, I get constant negative comments for living the life I do. Recently I have tried to write fluff, hoping to discourage the comments...no matter what you are right, there are some very angry people for sure.

erniesjourney said...

Awesome post Jen. You are lucky to be able to homeschool the kids. You do an excellent job too! Keep it up!!

Humble wife said...

Ernie- thanks for the comment! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen. I haven't posted comments for a while but had to here. I agree with all that you've said here. Don't let the negative flamers get to you. Our entire country has been brainwashed from the cradle and are now incapable of logical reasoning. Home schooling is the remedy.

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