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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sixty three days

Sixty three days.
We have gone morning and evening to Walmart looking to buy ammo.
You know for target shooting.
Sixty three days.
Some days we are told that they had such and such rounds, but we just missed out.
Some evenings we are told that they stocked in the morning and we just missed out.
Sixty three days.
No ammo for target shooting.

The main clerk is an old *superhero*.
Whenever we question the why's he tells us we are crazy.
Walmart is refilling supplies.
He is always telling us about how the law is for us.
Sixty three days.
For a store that is all about the customer.
No ammo for target shooting.

Know what else our Walmart is not selling? Lamp oil. Candles(not the pretty scented kind).


Anonymous said...

That sucks Jennifer. Here in KY Wal-Mart stays out of stock (due to their low prices) but a local sporting goods store has shelf after shelf full of ammo. Not too much more expensive than Wal-Mart. They also have 4 Bushmaster AR-15's. 5-6 AK-47, a 1927 WWII Thompson Machine Gun...and others. Seems as though they can keep ammo in stock better than others.

Kentucky Preppers Network

American Prepper said...

Walmart isn't about prepping, it's the sheeples store. You got any local gun shops? Try a farmers co-op or sporting goods store for lamp oil

Humble wife said...

Yes Matthiasj and AP I am aware of gun stores. Yes I am aware of camping stores...not much ammo in the guns store and the camping store sends us 70 miles away.

I was thinking out loud as to what the average Joe American has at his or her fingertips. Not much in a crisis.

The store that is all about money is not focusing on supply and demand. Why? Well of course we all know. But this is something to point out like the shellcasings that the gov. no longer will sell.

Thanks for the comments as you were leaving good advice in case I hadn't thought of these things.

Must remind you my husband was in Army and a police officer...all is well in NM!

American Prepper said...

Silly, silly me giving an experienced prepper advice that I should be giving to a newbie, I should know better, of course you were thinking out loud. LOL...next time I'll think before I comment.

I'll be the first to admit my own mistakes..LOL

Good post!

Kymber said...

Jen...let me know when you have an email account set up...i will keep checking here and at the CPN...

cosmicsole said...

Ponder on this...

About a month ago I heard that the US government is contemplating to no longer provide ammo via importation and sales. I must say, if this is true it is extremely sneaky.

Our Constitution states that Americans have the RIGHT to bear arms, they can't take that right nor our guns away... However, nothing is written that ammo needs to be provided or sold to the average Joe American!!!

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