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Friday, May 1, 2009

Medicine in the Wild

In the southwest it is important to recognize the plant which we call Brigham Tea(after Brigham Young).
I collect the plants and then dry them for tea. It has tremendous versatility. I have used it for teas for anyone feeling ill in the house, or as a pick me up tea. It is funny that the pharmacy is not the first place I race to for many needs.

So if you see the plant, clip off the stems and take home and dry. I dry them in a brown paper sack and then store in a jar. We must never minimize the value of foods/medicines in our environment. It would be a wise investment to buy some books about your region and learn of the native plants-which are edible and which are toxic.

Here are several links to learn more about the tea:
Brigham Tea
Viable Herbal Solutions
Ephedra( genus)


Bullseye said...

I think that God himself ( yep I said HIMself hehe) put everything right here on mother earth to cure whatever illnessess we may have. We just need to learn again what they are. Thanks for the links. Good stuff.

Code Name "Bullseye"

Humble wife said...

Bullseye~ I believe God was He too...and I know that He provided everything that we need in the outdoors!!!


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