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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Post IS Lacking a Title but is FULL of Something!

Do you ever get to the point in a day where you just want to move to the mountains and not return?

I have been wondering if the people are so used to flipping the channel when they come to a program that they do not like, that they have been mentally flipping the channel when the truth has been presented to them?

I mean come on, instead of dieting, we have tummy tucks, liposuction, and whatnot's.

Instead of maintaining a car, we trade it in every few years.

Instead of maintaining a marriage(yes marriages have lots of bumps) we dissolve the union.

Instead of making dinner, we drive to a chintzy carnival building and allow snot nosed teens to cook for us.

Instead of cleaning our homes, we hire people(who speak no English) and then feign indignation when our borders have become more porous than a colander.

Instead of being the parents we should be, we ship our kids off from birth to adulthood...one institution to another. Daycare, preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, college. Oh and so that we maximize quality time vs quantity time, we shuttle these thingies to soccer, baseball, football, dance, ballet, music lessons, hockey, ping pong championships, student council, volunteer America...all so we can pat ourselves on the back and show how great of a job we are doing. ~side note...who spends the most time with your child? You, your spouse, the state, their coach, their friends? I think that you should tally the time - because the time to SLOW DOWN IS NOW.

So as I come back to the circle of prepping, I find myself in a crazy position. Those that are reading these blogs for fodder in their blogging post, will some day wish to track us down. You know why? Because they will want us to remind them of the post where we shared such and such a tip.

You know some days I just want to run away to the mountains. Oops I forgot, I am at the base of a lovely mountain. I guess what I mean is I want to close my ears and eyes tight and pretend that the people DO GET IT.

Anyhooo~~ I shared a few neat things around the web this past week, so if you wish to read about a Lady Liberty not fulfilling her role go here.
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Oh and please feel free to leave me a comment. I have not made the rounds in a bit, because I have been a bit busy here and there and on the farm. I may not have mentioned too much about my personal life, I mean who doesn't have a personal life, but things are quiet busy. Perhaps it is homeschooling three kids and trying to have them complete their studies in the next few weeks(because of the UN Rights of a Child Act which we most certainly will sign). Perhaps it is having nearly 100 chickens(50 new), 18 ducks, several geese, 6 Black Spanish Turkeys, 12 goats(and one is pregnant) 7 Navajo Churro sheep...perhaps it is because of these things, perhaps it is because it has been over 95 for the past week...inside and out! Well who knows? But know this, I appreciate the preppers all over the nation, and Canada and thank you all for the brilliant ideas I have learned so far.

Please return because little ole' Humble Wife is going to have a giveaway soon. It is not as cool as Bullseye's giveaway, but I promise it will be something to make your prepping life a bit easier!

So have a fantastic eve...
(c) Double Nickel Farm


Anonymous said...

Great post Humble Wife. Some great observations too...I absolutely LOVE this quote:

"I have been wondering if the people are so used to flipping the channel when they come to a program that they do not like, that they have been mentally flipping the channel when the truth has been presented to them?"

I think you hit the nail on the head with that one. Great job HW!!!

Kentucky Preppers NetworkRand Paul for US Senate

Kymber said...

i can only agree with my good buddy Matt - have you seen some of his wicked posts on the Kentucky Preppers Network (actually you have Jennifer - but maybe your other readers haven't!)

Anyway girl - you are the bomb and these posts make me crazy and make me wish that i was living on the 5 acres next to yours!!!!

please keep keepin us all on our toes - are you sure that you didn't serve in the military as a drill sergeant? like are you really sure???

yer awesome Jennifer...and i will never be able to thank you enough for all that you have taught me...i will also never be able to thank you enough for what you are doing at the CPN...commitment like yours i have only ever seen in the military...

PreparingMama said...

We homeschool, too, Jennifer. I pray that the Lord calls us home before that horrible treaty (or anything else) ends my freedom to raise my children as the Lord directs. My eldest is in 7th grade and my youngest is but 4yo, so no hope on graduating before it's signed, I imagine.

What curriculum do you use?

Humble wife said...

Matthiasj- well thank you for such a nice comment! Sadly I know this post is head on.

Kymber-gosh you make me sound like something special. I am just a mom, married to her best friend, living on a farm writing about how I live. This is not extra work for me as it is just describing my days.

Preparing Mama- I pray the same prayer, but recognize that the Lord's timetable is His and not mine. I have homeschooled for 15 years now. I discovered early on that curricula's mostly following a system(the Public schools) that doesn't work, so I use a modge podge created one. I guess I should try and put together what we use. Good question and I am going to post on what we do. Perhaps on my farm blog.

erniesjourney said...

Smack dab upside the head Jen. Truth is scary to shallow people who are afraid of losing their creature comforts - we do need change in this country - just not big government's idea of change. Great post girl!

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