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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where Do You Fit In?

Understanding your place in prepping will make all the difference. What do I mean understanding ones place? Well this : you are now prepping- but what were you before? Were you once part of the problem that has made the prepper's evolve?

Were you keeping up with the Jones? Did you have all the toys(of course on credit)?
Did you keep buying a new vehicle, even though your old one was running well? Did you move at least once to a newer home, perhaps bigger?

Then your actions were part of the crumbling foundation that we are on. Yes my actions too.

Now to understanding. You see I read many many prepper blogs. Some are in the circuit and others are not even really calling themselves preppers. A common place for a former Jones seeker is that of buying every new gadget, every new food product, every medical or herbal kit, etc for their prepper lifestyle~Let's call this prepper a Jones Prepper.

Another place for a prepper is to absorb(learn) everything that they can about how to's for themselves. While on a crash course at Self Sufficiency University they have begun to store foods, supplies, and tools that will hold them over until a crop can be planted. They understand that electricity may go and understand that candles will eventually run out- so they do not stockpile candles, but instead learn how to make the candles~Let's call this prepper a Self Sufficient Prepper.

I wonder if, after reading this post which prepper are you? You see this post is not to point fingers or shame you. No, I wrote this so you would understand that a prepper's lifestyle is not something that you should ever stop. It is not a game or make believe in anticipation of a scenario we see portrayed in the movies. Nope---one should be a prepper so that one is prepared for anything. Although the NWO and the problems of our government have inspired many, a real concern EVERY SEASON...is that of natural disasters, such as flooding, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and everything in between. These are real situations that many of us have faced at least once, and perhaps we were ill prepared. That is what you should be focusing, all the while understanding the bigger reasons(I will post on how I believe a self sufficient prepper will handle the BIGGER reasons in an upcoming post)

Money and buying your lifestyle of prepping is grand, and hey if you have it spend it, but if you are charging your lifestyle You are still the problem! Yes, you are! And you need to come to terms with your situation- and the economic situation that we are now in DUE to spending on credit and you need to enroll in Self Sufficiency University...admission is free and the library has most, if not all of the textbooks that you will need!
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Kymber said...

Is it bad to wish that I could be Prepper Jones and therefore run out and buy everything that we need TODAY (we are still lacking in some of our preps!)?

However, I have been enrolled in Self-Sufficiency 101 (learning how to grow your own food, re-purpose all items that you currently own, stocking a pantry, etc.) for about a year now...and I have gotten some pretty good grades. I am really looking forward to the upcoming term of Self-Sufficiency 201 (canning and preserving food, hunting for our own meat, install and maintenance of a back-up generator, wood stove, etc.)

The learning curve has been all up-hill, but has left me feeling joyous as I greet each and every new day and the wonderful new friends that I have met on this network make it all the more wonderful! I want my degree from the Self-Sufficiency University and I will proudly hang it on my wall!!!

Some of us are sooo thankfull that the people like you, who hold PhD.'s in Self-Sufficiency, are willing to ask the tough questions to keep us motivated and share your experience with us so that we can learn!

Thanks Jennifer!

Humble wife said...

Kymber you make me smile! Yes of course it is okay to wish for things- not covet though! And no I am right there with you in core classes still and undergrad. I may have some things I am ahead of others, but likewise them to me.

I believe that we have come up with something...I am going to email you!!!!

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