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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

UPDATES ON BOTTOM OF POST: Timberon NM Voluntarily Evacuates: Wildfire

Timberon NM is voluntarily evacuating due to a wildfire. If you click on this photo and look in the center you will see the smoke from the Timberon wildfire. This is a reality that New Mexicans must face every year. Prepping for a natural disaster is an important part of the prepper lifestyle. The folks up in the mountain needed to leave quickly and I pray that they were prepared.

All day we have had water planes fly overhead hauling water to put out the fire. It is dark now and I still hear the planes. I did not know they continued even into the night. But I am focusing on a real scenario for many people living in the southwest.

Wildfires are often sparked quickly and you may have little time to grab anything but your children. This is not something to panic about. This is something to prep for. The reality of the speed of a wildfire means that nothing should be grabbed because time is everything.

This is where outside connectors are your lifeline. You must never forget to have persons outside your region that can and will open their door to you and yours(just as you should do in exchange). Your vehicle should have vital things already in it- about three changes of clothing per person, toiletries, meds for any prescriptions, perhaps an extra pair of glasses, some food, snacks, and water for three days, some emergency blankets, and some vital copies of paperwork. No not your wills etc, but how many in family, emergency addresses and numbers and where your paperwork is stored. Bank safety deposit boxes or where you feel cozy are ok. I assume I will just replace the social security numbers, collect tax paperwork from my tax man, be legally free from my husband(smile NEVER) ...

If a wildfire comes quickly I accept a sad fact- my farm animals may die. But if I have time, we can round up most if not all, but in a rush the kids and husband and I...

So friends be prepared for the natural disasters that are regulars to your region and then prep for the unexpected.
(c) Double Nickel Farm

**news update at 10pm- 2-3 structures have burned and 70 are threatened

UPDATE Thursday 9:45 pm...fire 20% contained. 3 homes burned 5 outbuildings. Most of the evacuated residents are opting to stay at hotels. A local high school is the shelter for the approximately 15 people choosing the Red Cross assistance.

Residents who are concerned about their property or access to the area can call a fire hotline at (575) 682-2733.

may our prayers go out to this community


Kymber said...

Such sad news but a reality for your neck of the woods! Being prepared for natural disasters that occur in your own region is a MUST DO!
Our prayers go out to the people in Timberon!

Anonymous said...

Good post, stay safe Humble Wife, that's definitely something to prep for.

Marie said...

Sorry to hear about the fires--hope everyone that needs to evacuate gets out safe and sound. Excellent points about having emergency items in your vehicle--good post.

Humble wife said...

Kymber- thank you!

Matthiasj- thank you!

Marie- thank you!!!

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