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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Groups or Clans(and this and that)

What can I say? I have been trying to be upbeat and positive in blogging about prepping but I have had a few days where I just want to scream- therefore I have held back from blogging.

I cannot believe how obvious it is. I cannot believe how close we are to the dollar's demise. I cannot believe that so many Americans have no idea what is coming. I cannot believe it myself sometimes. Recovery from this path seems impossible. I am an optimist so I do have hope, but am clear as to the next bend in the road. I cannot believe that things could have happened so quickly and therefore that is why I have been silent these past few days. I wish things were not this way. I wish things would go back to a time of idyllic days where we planned future events, not sat wondering if today was the day.

Now off to another thought, Bullseye posted something the other day and I decided instead of leaving a comment that I would post my thoughts here.
Group or Clan
Pros and Cons
What ifs are big in the very real scenario of the dollar crashing and America changing as a result. I am a prepper because my world crashed quite literally a few years ago. I do not see this as a negative as my life is peaceful pleasant with much time to be with the ones I love.

The topic is whether we should have a group or a plan in the EOTWAWKI scenario. I have decided to give some of my thoughts as one makes the best decisions when it can be made with much information as possible.

I live in a remote area where I do not know too many of my neighbors. One neighbor borders on the law in nearly every action that he takes. We have caught them on our property twice now, and each time they are vague in the reasoning. They are a lot of people that I see as a problem in the situations that Bullseye linked and wrote about.

My husband and I talk often about those in our community that as of yet are not preppers but are people that we can unite with and take steps to learning to survive in a world that as I type is so hard to even imagine. I suppose watching The Patriot with Mel Gibson is allowing me to even consider such frightening of a scenario. We are approaching times of uncertainty. We are approaching times where we will need to take a course much different than we are used to. So we talk about those in our community that are like minded although not prepping. We not only think about those that would be best because of their military might, or the weapons that they have. We consider much more than that.

You see a community can fail because of a snippity woman who has nothing but meddling on her mind. A community can fail because a man will not lift a finger in work when even the most frail will. A community will fail when children lack respect for their elders, and where wives and husband cannot rise above petty bickering. I believe that plotting to have groups to preserve not only lives but a livelihood is critical. But to survive to have a member step out and reveal too much, or to cause friction in a group is a member that will be a problem.

I see the plan for grouping important, but I see that as our failure as a nation currently. We failed to hold up honor and integrity. We failed to check behavior of unruly children, we failed to require marriage to be upheld above all cost. We failed to support the family, to protect the weak and infirm, and to honor God. How then can we recapture all these precious things lost in a horrific end of world scenario? Will we suddenly change who we are? Can we expect the reality situation to cease that we all are so accustomed to?

I think not. I am not trying to be disrespectful to others prepping. But the reality is that we will not change who we are, therefore all our prepping will be for naught. My suggestion is that we change now who we are. I suggest that we reach so far deep inside us, to find the character that we all wish for. If we do not do these things our future is bleak.
Just my thoughts


Bullseye said...

I agree that others must be taken in, not just for strength but because its the right thing to do. I have room for those that "need". I hope that you will get a copy of the book "Patriots" and read it cover to cover. It's fiction but hits on the world as it may very well been SOON !! I'm just glad to you see the need to have others around you during what lies ahead. I for one will be wanting others here for support, moral, strength and just to watch our backs. Very good post, enjoyed it much.

Humble wife said...

Thanks Bullseye for giving me some ideas in your post! I will see if I can find Patriots as you have me intrigued.

Happy Thanksgiving!

ckraus111 said...

Part 1 - Y’all state some interesting thoughts … So here is my 2 cents:

I can’t help but remember what my grandmother from Italy used to say: “Human nature is, as human nature does”. When I asked her what she meant she told me that humans are flawed, hence why we need Jesus. Two of humankinds most damaging faults are: greed and fear. Greed can be for money, power or control. Fear the old “fight or flight” attitude, will manifest itself in many ways and when the human consumed by any of the greed’s, fears – these are often the most horrible manifestations of all. One of humankind’s most astounding assets is our desire to “belong” – to be a part of a greater whole. Put these “human natures” together and you have not only variety but danger as well.

I have been, what is now dubbed a “prepper”, for a very long time now – since the early 1970’s. Some years more so than others, yet, I have never felt the urgency that I feel today. On top of this my grandmother (both in fact) were “preppers” before there was such a term. Maybe coming from poor and rural towns and surviving the depression made them that way – who knows. But by today’s definition they were preppers, one of my grandfathers could even qualify as a survivalist by today’s standards.

So combining my wise grandma’s old sayings with my own prepper attitude I have come to the following conclusions:

We need some kind of social group or family to belong to and share the ups and downs of life with. Being human, we most certainly pick a few people for this group that we shouldn’t. However, we are far better off emotionally and spiritually if we do surround ourselves with likeminded people that we can be close to and share with. Where one is weak, the other is strong. We can help each other. The benefits outweigh the risks most of the time. But be vigilant; don’t always share everything with everyone.

It is always best to know and be “friendly” with our neighbors. Doesn’t matter if we don’t socialize with them or if they are like us. It is far better to be in contact with them on a regular friendly/civil basis, than not to be. “Better the enemy you know than the one you don’t.” or “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Both old sayings have a ton of wisdom behind them.

ckraus111 said...

Part 2 - Y’all state some interesting thoughts … So here is my 2 cents:

As for TEOTWAKI, I feel we have more of a chance of it happening in this decade, than at any other in my life. Not that that means much, just a gut feeling on my part. I feel this will start with the U.S. and spread to the world for a multitude of reasons:
Our US government is so obese and getting fatter with all its regulations, taxes, fines, fees and surcharges.

Our US government is getting more greedy to control every aspect of the individual citizen’s life from food and water sources, medical treatments/facilities/drugs, to housing, education, to transportation, when and where we can be employed and how much our salary can be, to even the air we breathe.

The U.S. imports more than it exports and for the first time in 100 years owes other countries more than those countries owe the U.S..

The world as a whole, is dependent on finite earth resources and not just energy finite resources (coal, gas, oil, uranium, lithium) either – but precious and semi-precious metals, jewels and all kinds of other minerals too (limestone, salt, sandstone, slate, marble, granite – to name a few common ones). These resources are getting harder and harder to find and harvest.

Industry, worldwide, has given civilization so much but has cost us clean air, water and soil in the process. Which has produced more birth defects and illnesses, some deadly and less productive soil (less food), than any other time in human history.

Worldwide we are manipulated by marketing and advertising “commercials” on every aspect of our lives from our shopping habits, to our eating habits, to the homes we live in and even to which people we vote for (if we happened to be in a nation that allows free voting).

ckraus111 said...

Part 3 - Y’all state some interesting thoughts … So here is my 2 cents:

As a general whole – humans of the earth today are dependent on other entities for just about everything we consume, use or need in one way or another to survive.
If we had no Utilities (electricity, heat, cooling, water, sewage), how would we do? If we had no fuel for our transportation needs – How would we get our food, clothing, soap, light, seeds, et al? How do we get more seeds to plant? We can’t use a phone and call for a delivery, we can’t drive to the store, we can’t flip a switch… How many humans know how to hunt and dress game? Know how to use a manual foot powered sewing machine or even have one? Know how to weave, spin wool, knit or darn socks? If you can’t buy a candle or get fuel for a generator, how do we make fuel and make our own candles and soap? How do humans store food without refrigeration? How do we cook? It took me two years of twice a month lessons to learn how to use a wood cook stove without burning or undercooking the food and bread. How many humans know how to read a map or use a compass or know star navigation? How many humans have wind up clocks, know which years are leap years to make our own calendars? How many humans know how to make a log cabin, earth bricks or even how to cut a tree (if we are lucky enough to have trees nearby)? How many of us humans know herbal medicine or have access to “medicine men”? How many of us actually know CPR or how to set a broken bone or stitch a wound? Do we know how to find the materials needed to make ammunition or shoe a horse? How many humans even know how to ride a horse or drive an animal driven wagon or cart?
To me the answers to these questions are what preppers are all about. So let us all share our knowledge and pass it on. True a few “enemies” may learn this stuff too, but if we are vigilant, we can defend ourselves from these people. I have faith in God and human ingenuity, especially American ingenuity and us preppers and survivalists lead the way with the guidance of those “old wise ones” that went before us.

So plaster a smile on your face and keep on Prepping ;-}

madmaddy said...

The more I read your blog, the more I am impressed. You are so spot on with many things that I hold dear. I wish I could find more folks with your attitude where I live. Its so hard to sniff out folks who are liked minded, and use good old fashioned common sense. Keep up the great work!

Patricia Mathews said...

I have used a treadle powered sewing machine. When I was a child back in 1948 we moved into a house that had one in the attic and I played with it - made my doll clothes on it. The children's museum also had a nice-sized Pioneer Life exhibit that I loved. I still have a taste for pre-electricity technology.

As to where you can get them - there are people who buy them as decoration (!) and never use them and probably get them from antique stores at inflated prices. But one's best bet is stores that sell to the Amish.

ckraus111 said...

You can purchase a new (yeah believe it or not someone still makes them) Treadle Sewing Machine at http://www.thefind.com/appliances/info-treadle-sewing-machine
It is a Janome 712T Treadle Powered Sewing Machine and isn't to expensive ;-}

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