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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Are you Hungry or Are you Dieting?

We are inundated with images and messages of eating proper to maintain a healthy weight. Hollywood is filled with scrawny, skin and bones folks that make the population covet thinness. People in war torn countries or famine plagued countries or poor countries would not be able to process this notion.

That is a real concern for those of us who are preppers. Can you imagine? Can you imagine not having the skills, the money, or the food to feed those around you to include yourself? How incredibly far reached for us in the US and Canada to think that we are exempt.

Prepping is NOT just about stockpiling items. It is a mental game too- learning skills to be able to garden, preserve healing, and survive natural disasters. No one wishes to starve. No parent wishes to see a child starve to death.

Are you clear on the purpose of prepping? Because if you are only stockpiling and have no understanding of how to store up foods- such as canning, drying, and pickling, you may run out of food as it will spoil. If you cannot drive your car and you need a backup means to leave the area-what next? Do you understand?

One more thing to think about- Germany. The Jews that were in hiding- do you know how they were found? They were found(usually) because someone who knew that they were hiding turned them in.( Just hoping to make you think.)

Prepping must be the knowledge and understanding of how to act, when to act, and what to implement.

Just my rambling thoughts today.

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