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Friday, November 13, 2009

P.S. Uncle Sam~ Stop Ramming Things Down Our Throats

In addition to my previous post's question, I have had it with late night surprise bills, and the latest crap fest of bringing the 9-11 mastermind to NYC to try him in a civilian court... on a Friday...enough is enough~


erniesjourney said...

Hehe - he's got the "snake-eye" going on!

Tell us how your really feel!!

Great mini-rant!!!!

ckraus111 said...

Too bad the U.S. Government is not For The People, By The People. We must take our country back! Recycle Congress in 2010, Senate & President in 2012. We have to get rid of this hypnotic, socialistic crap of a president, etc. Vote accordingly ;-}
I will live free in MY USA even if I have to die for it!

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