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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Now is the Time: Part 1 trillion and 1

Now is the time to learn how to make bread. Yes, all kind of bread. No, taking a frozen loaf out and allowing it to rise then baking it is not making bread(I know as this is how I made bread for 17 years of my marriage-thank you Schwan's Man!!) Learning to make bread is kind of scary at first and kind of hard to understand until you just sink your hands into the dough!

For several years I really wanted a breadmaker. I mean how neat could this be? But I never bought one, even though I could have anytime I wished. So I guess it was not a priority as store bought bread or defrosting a frozen loaf worked for me. Many times I would buy several loaves of bread from my favorite bread store...Great Harvest Bread Company.

Then fast forward and buying bread, even the cheap 59 cent kind slowly crept out of my league as the kids went through it so fast. I missed oatmeal honey bread, raisin bread, and well the free samples from Great Harvest Bread Company! So I went to a thrift store in town and found this book...and the world of breadmaking in my life began.
Several of the pages were kind of well used(you know) which to me meant here is a good recipe...and so I started there.

I can make six loaves of white bread so fast, well not as fast as the way one loaf is always eaten...within minutes of coming out of the oven, but fast none the less!

I can also make unleavened breads, and I actually know what that means.! The center loaf is what I entered in our county fair 2 years ago. It is applesauce bread...I was asked by many people for this recipe. You want to know why? Because I was comfortable enough to begin tweaking recipes and make my own versions and styles of bread!

Here are a few breads I made a few months ago...back left oatmeal wheat bread, back right sourdough rolls, front bagels, front right sourdough bread.

These are pinto bean bread...yummy. I also have won a blue ribbon for this recipe too!

But my learning is a nice story to read, but will not help you out one bit. You must understand that bread has been part of our diets for a long time, and you will miss it if you cannot make it.

I could share recipes etc, but the time is NOW for you to learn how to make bread. Start simple if you are like how I was nervous (as I opted for shop class instead of home ec- shop teacher was a cutie...and never learned how to make bread). Begin making flour tortillas. This is a simple recipe and the taste will leave you ready to jump and begin making breads.

The time is now to learn this skill. I am not suggesting that anyone needs to become Susie Homemakers etc, but I am suggesting that this is and will be a valuable skill. By memorizing a few recipes you can make bread without a book. Everyone around you will love you more, as you are the bread king(no pc correctness here folks!)

Please take the time to learn skills that will benefit you. Our leaders want to put you in jail if you do not have health insurance...SO DON'T YOU DOUBT THAT ANYTHING ELSE. The concern is NOT for the people, but for a Change that will take our nation to a place we are not ready for. Prepping will help you through this...


Anonymous said...

Would you be willing to share some of those recipes with some of us preppers who work and don't have time to run down the good recipes? I used to bake bread but let my starter die ( one that uses potato flakes,sugar and water). I work 40+ hours every week but like to cook on my days off but haven't tracked down any really good recipes.

Feather not dot

Humble wife said...

Anonymous(Feather not dot) I will add some recipes soon and have a link on the side bar in a few days!

WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

Oh, boy! Recipes from HumbleWife! Can't wait!

Worn Out said...

O.k. my mouth is watering. Definitely have to try baking some (all) of these!

Anonymous said...

I checked back on this post and see where you are going to share some bread recipes. Thanks a million!!! I used to make some wonderful bread but havent had time or recipes to do it and want to get back into baking again.

I do a lot of southern home cooking if you ever want any old time southern ideas let me know at dpbpcb1956@bellsouth.net.

feather not dot

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