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Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Stockpiling

As it is November I am suggesting that all readers take advantage of the holiday sales.

Turkey-cook, can freeze, make broth
pumpkin(in can)- soups, pies, cookies, breads, muffins
cranberry sauce- cookies, granola bars as is
broth- beef or chicken- for soup base, for those ill
sweet potatoes- can, dry, as is
potatoes- can, dry, as is
celery- dry, as is
olives- as is
cane sugar- in place of refined sugar
pickles-as is
mayonnaise- as is
gravy mixes
cran drinks
oranges- dry, as is
nuts- great and store in freezer
spices- many on sale -stock up
jello- this is a good thing to have on hand for small children or when sick(drink hot)
cake mixes, frostings, cocoa- all important for sanity items in crises

So do you get the idea? Use your change jars and invest in your food storage this holiday season. I recommend curbing ALL holiday expenses(usually stuff that we don't want and break days after the holidays) and instead make items for loved ones. A few years ago I made a monopoly board game for the family of all the places we lived and where all the children were born. It was a big hit and I learned how much I wasted for years by not thinking ahead of simple ideas that would unite the family instead of causing financial dependency. We are a huge part of the problem with the economy as we have had to have things now, instead of saving for items. Now is the time to remove commercialism from our homes. This is the time to stop.


WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...


What great pearls of wisdom! I love the Monopoly Board idea. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Great Post! The monopoly game is a great idea!


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