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Monday, November 16, 2009

Fret ??

The main stream media is so informative.
I cannot believe how careful they are not to insert their own bias when reporting stories.
How fortunate we are as Americans to have freedom of the press.


Of course I am full of it!
Check this article title out: AP Poll: Americans fret over health overhaul costs

We fret!?



Let me make this very clear- we do not fret. We are furious over this nonsense of spending our nation into financial ruin. We are furious over this nonsense that everyone will have healthcare, then we have that interesting tidbit that those who do not have coverage will go to jail or face fines.

Wait~ how can this be so?

Have I forgot to mention who will be receiving blanket amnesty next spring and summer?


Now to that spending until we are in financial ruin~ these twenty million uninsured soon to be Americans will pound the final nail into the coffin.

I am not one to fret...that seems to be a characteristic of the lily livered~ pansy~ fruit tooty media that cannot report the news, but help create(invent) or spin the news.

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