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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Antibiotics: America's Medical Awakening

Happy Blizzard day, no mountain.

RoadScribe’s iRV: Survival On Wheels
January 20th of 2009 was the start of the perfect deliberate
ten year financial storm. Are you ready?

ATB’s: America’s Awakening in the face of Socialized Medicine.
Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they have done.

Best advise I can give you from a retired nurse that worked with loads of patients that sadly lost limbs, and sometimes their lives to ATB resistant infections, and in dealing with my husband’s battle with MRSA that he acquired in a San Antonio hospital, and after we cleared that up, once again in a chemotherapy infusion room (that infection battle ultimately took his life thanks to Vancomycin over use that went into VRE, he just could not recover and the cancer took him.) Until I found Silver Water via the health2us.com method with my own SW generator, we used these homeopathy’s.

GSE: Grapefruit Seed Extract
Check out their site, should come with a booklet. We used this one as our big gun of homeopathies. Did you know that MRSA thrives in carpets. Refer to your research for the drop-solution ratio for your carpet cleaner. Have Congestive Heart Failure and wear those darned expensive compression stockings. GSE and water is an excellent soaking solution.

Olive Leafe Extract: comes in a capsule. Many uses. Do your research.

Oregano oil: powder or oil. Good for respiratory infections and congestion. Do your research. I decided to get off steroidal medications since osteoporosis runs in my family. Carrying the small
dropper bottle in my uniform pocket, if I felt congestion or short of breath coming on a few drops under the tongue helped. Disclaimer: This worked for me, may not work for you. I just didn't want to be dependent on prescription medications if there was just one darned chance in my life as a free person that I could figure out another solution, and if it didn't work then I still had the meds.

Remember: God created each of us with our own unique metabolism. What works for one person
may work totally different for another.

Tea Tree Oil: Found this cheap at Wal-mart by scouting their pharmacy section. Interesting history. Topical application. Good for fungus and we also used this to clear up MRSA cellulites in hubby's legs he got from hospital personnel that didn't wash their hands.


How to protect yourself and loved ones if you do have to go to the hospital.

Stay with them 24/7. Yeah folks, sorry to say that is what you have do. But don’t be a pain in the
tail. Be helpful by doing the little things like bathing, bed changing, filling the water pitcher. Hit that call light if your patient’s IV bag is getting low with a friendly reminder. Check their IV site. If it’s red or leaking, let your nurse know, it needs to be changed. I though family members and friends of my patients were just angels that gave of their time to do this. And most of all after becoming hubby’s caregiver I went a few steps further by both of us doing these two things:

Why?--> What have those gloves been exposed to prior to coming in this room.

Check the stats on this, it’s an eye opener.
Solution for dealing with busy nurses that are going to have to deal with a much larger nurse to patient ratio. Remember what I told you about my old patient assignments since this will be absolutely a nightmare.

Why? Because I still have nightmares about it.

On admission of your loved one, or if you can catch busy Doc when he is writing his admit order’s, require that patient’s medications are brought into the room unopened with the medication sheet.

Why? To ensure that busy nurse or med aide is giving the right med to the right patient, around time ordered, in right dose by the right route. Hence: the 5 rights.

This is a good time to also learn about your medications from busy nurse, if not your angel can jot that down on a pad and you can both have a homework lesson.

(Sorry guys. Got off the subject. But this is needed info. I cared about my patients.)
(Some of my former home health patients still keep in touch. Hugs. They were great.)


I keep an updated supply on hand of all these in case the SW has no effect.

Currently I have a 1-gallon SW generator from health2us.com and you can order extra silver for your generator. I keep extra bottles made up of SW and have not taken an ATB on over ten years or flue vaccine since that made my asthma go out of control. Getting out of the constant stress of the medical profession, especially now that we are going to get as Alex Jones says: "Socialized Eugenics Medicine," has really helped.

And if you think I’m long winded here, well baby, I wrote a whole novel on the subject. Now let’s see who in the publishing profession will have the heart of a teacher to help me get this published. Keep ya posted.

You have been RoadScribed.
For knowledge is power : power is knowledge.
Seek and ye shall find.


Dr. Richard said...

Grape fruit seed extract is a miracle natural drug that can stop cold and flue viruses in a day or prevent them if taken when exposed to others who are sick. I used to get two week colds / sinus congestion that nothing but time and rest would cure. Two days into my most recent cold last month, I tried Grapefruit Seed Extract, taking 15 drops in the morning and another 10 after dinner. By midnight, my congestion had cleared up and I felt fine the next morning. This is something to stock in preparation for a flu pandemic.

RoadScribe said...

You got it brother. Rock on.
And if you go check out research on the manufacturer's website, that research will astound you. Some of this is from respiratory therapists from other countries.

"Readers are winners."
Dave Ramsey

Kymber said...

another amazing post - please keep posting this type of information as i find it invaluable and i am sure many others will too. thanks again Roadscribe!

Humble wife said...

Thanks for the tips. I bought a medicinalherb seed pack from Mountain Rose herbs. I have been slowly for several years been weaning away from traditional meds as the side effects are frightening.

southern NM

RoadScribe said...

Yes: Slowly is a good idea for chronic conditions. If you're a brittle diabetic or heart patient with a serious problem, that choice is best left between you a good doc that will listen to you and not a symtomologist practicing cookie cutter medicine. Now that the stimulus bill is passed, all of you pleas go look up the the British Model for Socialized Medicine. Or, go see what Alex Jones has listed on his site about it. Don't know about you, but at 52, I'm getting ready and will be here until they shut me down.


Mayberry said...

Excellent post. I think folks are in for a very rude awakening when reality sets in on what's been done to us here.....

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