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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Debt: The new slavemaster.

RoadScribe’s iRV: Survival On Wheels
January 20th of 2009 was the start of the perfect ten year
financial storm. Are you ready?

A crock pot of pinto beans simmers in a beef base.

The Mark Levine Show has been added to the reading links section since he gave a very good idea what is being done to turn our medical system into socialized medicine. And since that will include rationing our medical care, with my past career in nursing, I’ll have future segments on health, much as you can stand, so toss a suggestion in the comments if you want to read a particular subject.

Yup, the camp coffee pot is still hot because I’ve been working on taxes all day, so let’s get down to it.

You may have guessed by now that if I’m not reading or writing, the radio is on. With the TLC crowd in Washington aka Thieves-Liars-Con men now running our government, after listening to Mark Friday evening, he made a very good point. Do you realize how many tax cheats we have in President Obama’s cabinet. Where’s the ethics in this? And for those of you that are redirecting my Internet traffic, that is a fact, go check it out for yourself. Is it okay for them to say “I forgot” or “I didn’t think I had to” and sit up there and make our tax laws? I find that disgusting and file my taxes every year. What makes them so different? And while these industrious people are busy nationalizing out banks, this is a darned good time to bring up the subject of debt, the new slave master.

My fear is that if that is all of sudden, like Alex says, we wake up and there is only a Central Bank, then what will happen to all of our loans and mortgages? Will they continue as if nothing happened or would you get a letter in the mail saying your entire balance is due—pay up! Will we be able to refinance? Still with one bill left myself to pay off, this is on my mind. I know that sounds crazy, but if you look at how fast this president is moving to rush bills through and sign them, with his Marxist goal of destruction of the middle class, what better way to achieve your purpose.

Solution to the problem: learn to live a cash basis lifestyle, now!
Let’s welcome another required reading link to the list: http://www.daveramsey.com. Without Dave’s help, I wouldn’t be to the point I’m at now, from a widow with an over mortgaged house and dining room table of bills to just the abode I live and work from. There isn’t enough room in one blog entry to describe his common sense method. From his books, seminars, forums, Pod Casts, radio show, to the best help of all, Financial Peace University. Atheist to believer, the phrase: “The borrower is slave to the lender,” can ring home if you’re in debt up to your eyeballs and think there’s no way out. On his web site is a link to the FPU near you, or a self paced course. Learn, practice, get bill free, organize and teach others. I have learned to live that cash based life style and also how to run a business the same way. Yes, it can be done. And if I stick to my goal, one day I’ll look in my side mirrors at iRV’s tires and they’ll say: “Paid for—paid for—paid for.”

RoadScribe: Yet another way to dig in, and ride out the perfect intentional storm.


Bullseye said...

"TLC" I love that. Ethics and Morals are something this country gave away long ago. We've been heading down hill fast every since. 2 of the most important things in any society I think. Great post and glad to know all is well with you.

RoadScribe said...

You betcha bullseye: It's time to stop the belly aching, and be grateful for what you have. Crank up that spirit that made this country great, in spite of the coyotes in D.C. Check out the RV Now link and see what RV'ers that dare report the truth are enduring. I am glad to see this kind of courage among Full Timer's.

RoadScribe: Blogs bring America the truth that the media is determined to bury.

Anonymous said...

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RoadScribe said...

mybankruptcy: if you need a contributor let me know. I can give you a good entry or two from a widow that didn't get an idea of the bills situation until two months before hubby passed away.


riverwalker said...

I'm into total debt reduction mode in a serious way right now. Hoping to reach zero debt level before it's too late. Great job roadscribe!


RoadScribe said...

Anyone know what nationalizing the banks into one central bank will do if we have a loan that isn't paid off? Heard this on Alex's show and is really bugging me.

erniesjourney said...

Agree totally! We are slowing moving to pay things off - but sadly the house will not be in that pile - unless I can come up with a giant wad of green stuff! Paying off other bills and our goals are to get out of the house and buy a coupla acres somewhere (dream on)and get out of this beast system! Think will crash soon so the dream may happen sooner - LOL! Tired of lies and bullshit from everyone my whole life - we are taught that debt is Normal. Now I learn otherwise and I want out! Hate it! Great blog!

Think if goes to a central bank then it will but chaos anyway here and mad max will look like preschool and then plan on a civil war too - so, think mortgages will be a moot point for awhile but IDK. The whole market will crash and the banks don't know up from down now, let alone in that chaos! Can't worry about it now anywhooo Roadscribe - just get preps in order and you are already well on your way!

RV Survivalist said...

Hi Roadscribe - RV Survivalist here. I appreciated your comments on one of my recent posts, and would like to discuss guest writing for you here in New Mexico, but I wasn't sure the best way to contact you. In fact, New Mexico may be in my future soon. We'll see. Shoot me an email at tm3377@gmail.com and let's discuss.

RoadScribe said...

Thanks for the posts guys. Now that my taxes are done I can blog and prep on.

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