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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Location 3: Will I be safe here.

Yes, I believe this is where I am supposed to be and that inner push to get here was correct. We had a little incident here, of which I won't give exact details, that told me if you come to our campground in the mountains with the idea of stealing, hustling or drugging, we will not tolerate that kind of behavior. Hit the road Jack. Just because we are RV'ers and our homes are on wheels, or we don't own property, doesn't mean we are Trailer Trash.

Residents in this park don't sit back and let the owners handle everything, then armchair quarterback later. We help our park owners, from young to old. One of my neighbors is an old man walking with a cane, he located the rascal trying to hide while another served the legal papers. I was out there as well to let this rascal know, there will be no hiding on my site. All that remains is for our park owners to handle the legal ends.

So now we have peace in our little mountain valley where the clouds will entertain you swirling above before they decide what to do. Come Spring, I'll help mow sites, neighbor helping neighbor, for if you really think about it, this is a community.

And what have you done today to prep for the perfect storm?


riverwalker said...

Good neighbors is a valuable resource. Sounds like a great bunch of people you're hanging in there with!


American Prepper said...

You will probably be more free than the rest of us. Living in an RV is something I wanted to talk my wife into. That's good, putting up links to campgrounds

RoadScribe said...

This park is perfect for preppers and we have a place for a community kitchen we could fix up for cannery. Lots of room for demonstrations, BLM and forest lands for hunting. Our park owner wants to solar power the wells and that will be a big plus.

American Prepper said...

ohhhh man.. That sounds like Freedom!

Kymber said...

wow! it sounds like you are almost totally free AND living in a community. i will memorize all of the park names that you list. thank you!

RoadScribe said...

Looking for more parks to list.
They have to be 200.00/month or less.
No frills. Basic camping with a
community prepper spirit.

Seek them out, spend your camping dollars with them and
give me a comment on my latest entry's.
I will give the FREE advertising.

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