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Saturday, January 17, 2009

We want you...To Blog

This Blog is not for sale or trade... But it can be given to you if you're up to the task. I noticed recently something that's started to catch on as I've been following Texas Prepper's Network. Soon there was a Kentucky preppers network and Idaho, and Colorado, and Utah. The term " ( )Preppers Network" has now been branded. I realized that the blog sites for the remaining states needed to be protected before some Corporate goon or New World Order thug grabbed them up. Obviously there is no way I can personally blog from all these sites, and there's no way I can build this network on my own. That's where you come in. If you can blog, and commit yourself to building a close-knit patriot network in your state, then I want to discuss procedures for handing over this blog site to you.

Time is short and we are running out. We must all get, not only ourselves, but everyone we can find (who is willing) prepared. We are on the edge of a Great Collapse, far bigger than the Great Depression ever was, and that's why we need people that are motivated. It's my ambition and lifes purpose to prepare as many people as possible and be a thorn in the side of the NWO by helping to build the largest network of patriots the world has ever known.

What you will get from me:
1) The right to blog from this site (eventually it will be handed over to you for free once certain provisions have been met, understand that I want to ensure the integrity of the Survivalist/patriot movement)
2) Someone who is dedicated to building a strong close knit community of patriots
3) I will activily recruit patriots from my Homepage www.AmericanSurvivalStore.com and refer them to your state network. (This means traffic to your blog)
4) A listing in my blog directory by state. Browsers looking for their official state preppers network blog will find you. (more traffic to your blog)
5) A guarantee that other state prepper network blogs exchange links with you (more traffic to your blog)

What I will expect from you:
1) That you actively build your network
2) You blog regularly on issues of your choice, But also survival issues that concern all of us
3) That you not do anything that could jeapordize the credibility, reputation and integrity of fellow prepper networks (this is very important, and another reason why I aquired this blogsite, one bad apple can spoil it for everyone and I don't want to see that happen)
4) That you display the 3 sponsor ads that I've originally placed on this blog; Big Johns Survival Seeds, Joel Harfords Doomsday Pak, and The Hews Emergency Water System. Why? Because revenue from these sponsors is fuel for the fire. I use the revenue to drive this freight train forward. I want to stoke the fire enough so that we will be unstoppable. You, of course, will be allowed to place other sponsor ads should you decided to or even Google adsense if you want.

If you are up to the task, Please join us by e-mailing me at Survivalist@AmericanSurvivalStore.com

1 comment:

RoadScribe said...

I'll take this New Mexico spot.
Please check you email.

You have been RoadScribed.

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