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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Location 2: The Place To Make Your Stand

Denial can be a powerful beast, for they know not what cometh their way.

House sold, I had this great weight lifted from my shoulders with a sense of urgency that if I had to make my stand it would be at a park where you didn't have to switch pad sites. After hearing campers tales over coffee, I picked a campground up in the mountains of S.E. New Mexico, west of Capitan. After a few years of watching campers come and go, I packed for a 600 mile road trip, different from packing up for a camp site switch. Hardest part was leaving friends that were like family behind. But they know where I'm at and some came to visit.

The truck towed iRV up long inclines I didn't think possible without shifting into low gear. That power chip was great, a real fuel saver crossing the hot flat lands of West Texas and taking those mountains into NM with a 30 mph cross wind. Carlsbad was forecast at 114 that day, and that urgency to get here pushed me on. That experience was totally worth it to find Pinion Hills Park.

Now I'm giving you the name and location of this park for a darned good reason. We are being dragged into a depression by politico's that don't like our lifestyle. Some RV'ers are getting off the road and some are stubbornly defiant. Park owners are in the same situation. My camping dollar will not go parks that don't jack up their rates, and to help RV'ers looking for a place to camp I will list on this blog campgrounds that are a good deal. This is no frills basic camping so if you're looking for a shopping mall, swimming pool or laundry we don't have it. When the weather is nice we, of all things, we hang our laundry out to dry. Carolyn the owner says sorry no kids please. Our yard work is done by us, or neighbor helping neighbor. No whiners tolerated, this is earn your spurs camping.

Pinion Hills will be on my list in name only for now, they don't have a website that I know of so do a web search. At $200.00 monthly + electric, using my A/C a few times since June of 2008 this is where I call base camp.

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