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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Greetings from the mountains of New Mexico

Thank you American Pepper Network for giving me this opportunity.

Weather: Snow storm brewing in the mountains.
Kitchen: Potatoes and carrots blanched and in the dehydrator.
My camp coffee pot is perked so let's get to it.

WARNING: This blog can become political. So if you can't stomach that subject, then by all means you still have that freedom, for now, to move on. But if you're tired of the one party system our political machine has become, hell bent on dragging us into communism, then I dare you to read on.

This is a reader active blog.
First of all.

Ah, there you go. Disconnecting your mind from the Messiah’s socialist matrix of empty promises to do nothing more than make you dependent on government. Congratulations, you have taken the most important step of your life just by turning off their indoctrination tool. Many of us have figured this out long before you and even sold our Boob Tubes, and learned to think for ourselves.

Now why am I doing this to you, and not following along with the sheeple mentality of our new president’s campaign promises of hope and change?

Because long before his campaign as a writer I had interviewed key people that worked in D.C., also disgusted at what was being done to their country. I was already seeing this in my career as a registered nurse, and that led to my new profession as a writer and novelist. My investigation into why the tone of television irritated me so much first came with my husband, slowly dieing of cancer at the time, blindly staring at the TV. What a way to spend the last few days of your life. Then, remembering an interview done with a person working in the surgeon general’s office, I was told to follow the money. And so I ask, do any of you know the owners and financial backers of your satellite, cable TV, or even of the big networks? What if I told you: Ted Turner, George Soros for starters, there are many more that believe America should be a socialist country, and you can't do a damn thing about it. Well I say: wrong!

What is more important to you: socialism or freedom?

Oh, now she’s getting political. That’s right I am, because unless you have chosen freedom, you and your family are doomed to the only other alternative. Like you, I have been shocked at what the Republican’s have become, nothing but sell outs to a one party system. I decided to start this way to say: I am a Conservative, not like these sell out Republics reaching out to the other side of the isle, scared of their shadow, selling their souls and country out for the gold their pockets. What you’re going to get here is not what the government can do for you, but what you can do in spite of them, take what you have left, dig in, stock up, and ride out the coming storm created by the corrupt politicians, hell bent on making you a victim.

If you want to learn more about our Marxist puppet president, his agenda is described in Saul Alinsky's: Rules for Radicals. Fairly cheap, available on Amazon. Learn what you’re up against. President Obama believes in this book, much of his campaign was based on it.

Once more--his indoctrination tool is your TV.
So cut off your cable and satellite bill, mine used to be $100.00 a month. While your at it, sell your TV and put some money in your pocket to stock up on food or pay some bills off. Debt is another weapon our political machine will use to destroy the middle class. And as of today with with our banks going down for the count, a new bank is being discussed to emerge, and of course it's a government bank. I wonder if that is what is in store for Bank of America?

News Flash: I didn't hear this on the Dumb Box. I heard this on AM radio.
Could that be why the Fairness Doctrine is being redesigned to shut them down?

Now, you've paid some little bills off. What do you have left?
In my case, after my husband died, I had an over mortgaged house to the point where in my future I could see that I was going to have a hard time, by myself, maintaining that house and payment. I didn’t expect the government to bail me out, and sold it, finally. If any of you are having trouble in this area, comment on this subject and I’ll explain more or do an entry, your pick.
At 52, I have only one bill left to pay off and that is the RV I live and work from. What I had managed to do, while working two jobs to pay off medical bills and credit cards, and get rid of time share, was fix up hubby’s old truck thanks to an honest mechanic and find an RV in a dealer bankrupsey sale.

That my friends is what I had left when the house was sold, and since there are more people like me now living full time in an RV. This is what my blog is about: Survival on Wheels. Stay tuned, and I will teach you what a lone lady camper has done to dig in, stock up, and get ready to ride out the perfect storm.

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American Prepper said...

good job. Glad to have you aboard. I will get to working on linking you up so you can get more traffic. Working just as fast as I can. I just met Catman from California today in person. We had lunch and talked for awhile. A pretty awesome guy to have on our team, I hope to eventually meet everyone. good luck


American Prepper said...

(The following is a re-posting from American Preppers Network)
I had an excellent opportunity to stop in, have lunch, and meet CatMan from California for the first time. A pretty awesome guy we all have here operating California. He's got a lot of good ideas. Check out his network whenever you get a chance. He plans to start up sub-chapters within the California Preppers Network. By the way, from now on, whenever I receive a dispatch, I will post my route. If you see that I will be heading your way, e-mail me and maybe we can hook up and talk Preppin' over lunch or dinner.

RoadScribe said...

Great. Email me if you can. I check that several times a day for incoming work.

Bullseye said...

Welcome to the network and I am glad to see NM up and running. Good job. welcome from Kentucky preppers

Shy Wolf said...

OOOYAH! Scribe! A hearty Minnesota, "Welcome to the great American Preppers Network". Glad to have you on board. Sounds as though you're going to be a wonderful asset- Mayberry's gonna love ya.

Kymber said...

Wow! you are simply amazing and so are these posts! i can't wait to read the rest!

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