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Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Mexio Prepper Gather Round

You are learning how a single lady camper found her place to make a stand and there are others out here in New Mexico that also believe in preparing instead of becoming a victim. This is a call for guest submissions to contribute your experience of digging in, stocking up and riding out the storm. Like that of the impressive Utah Preppers, we can share our experiences here on this blog site and in meetings if we can get enough determined members with the heart of a teacher.

What say you New Mexico, will you be a Prepper or a refugee?
What have you done today to survive the perfect financial storm?

You have been RoadScribed.


erniesjourney said...

Great idea - wish I could wake some up in Indiana and we could form a group that you could TRUST! I so want to network and be around people that don't think I am a complete and total whack-job! Can't we move NM closer to Indiana LOL!


American Prepper said...

I like the idea of preppin from an RV. Much easier to pack up and move out!

RoadScribe said...

And my decision to make the trip to this mountain park was confirmed yesterday. So gather around my virtual campfire friends of the Prepper Realm, that shall be in my next entry.

"And there comes the time when you must stand back and
think: How can I?"

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