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Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Member

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Proud to be a new member of APN - My wife had been telling me for years, in her own sweet way, about prepping. Years ago she read great books like Atlas Shrugged and Lucifer's Hammer, these books gave her the mindset for prepping...she just didn't know it was called Prepping/Prepper's. She has been asking me to read these books and give her my take. I would try and get through the first chapter and get bored with them.
Y2k didn't phase me at all. 9/11 was very upsetting and unsettling, But "W" earned my trust and kicked butt, then I went back to my normal suburban rut. You know, keeping up with the Jones, buying all the new gadgets, getting hooked on computer games as my release after a hard day at the office grind.
Then came 2008 - father had a heart attack, found out my health was in poor shape with overweight, high blood pressure, and panic attack's due to stresses over the last few years. The doctor said my fathers heart attack was the trigger. And then comes a new president.
Needless to say, my whole way of life and thinking has changed for the better. I really wish I had understood what my wife was trying to explain to me some 20 years ago. Where would be now with our prepping mindset if I had "Got it".
Better late than never and you have to start somewhere sometime. I'm just glad you all are here, and we can learn and share together as like minded free Americans in this Great Republic.

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Hello all, Just a note to introduce myself to the board.

I am in Alamogordo, NM and have been a prepper since Y2K. Still learning and look forward to the fellowship of like minded individuals here.


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