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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Simple Thought

Supplemental prep item: Manual Sweeper!

All of my life I had used an electric vacuum. I never thought of it as being a luxury item and if one broke I tossed it and bought another as they are so inexpensive.

When my last vacuum died, I wished to learn how I could do without, as a vacuum uses electricity and bags etc. So I looked for the push Bissell. I found the Bissell Sweep Up.

photo credit Bissell

I paid $12.99 total as Bissell did not charge shipping. They have several models that are manual. Check here.

I am not being paid by Bissell. I am sharing a simple tip to slowly ween yourself from so many things that you think you need. In a crises, cleanliness is critical-especially to keep disease down yet, how many situations occur where power is off for a good while? Perhaps a prep item should be a manual sweeper as it is for me!

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