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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crisis Crisis Wherefore Art Thou??

Well it has been over a month since I last posted.
I have posted a bit more on my farm blog, but not like I used to as it has been a bit hard for me to blog lately. I was not aware of how heavy my emotions would be with my son in Afghanistan and especially since he has told us about situations called "outside the wire."

I apologize about not sharing tips, skills, ideas, and knowledge on how to prep, why to prep and where to begin prepping. I am hoping that I can get back into it now, today.

You see when your freezer is left open all night with the ice cream gallon blocking its door, you have a crisis that is neither a weather disaster nor an economic disaster, but it still requires thinking on ones feet.

I am so glad that we were near the end of the cow, and had not butchered the heifer yet...

So what should one do?

First and foremost clear your day...no plans!
Second get the food into the refrigerator...do not refreeze the meat.
Third- prioritize- for example I had two bags of the pre cooked BBQ/buffalo wings- so guess what I am serving for breakfast!

I am browning the pound of ground beef and pound of ground sausage to put in Ziploc baggies to freeze cooked. I will label each with today's date and the contents. When I brown ground beef to use in anything I add three spices- onion powder, garlic salt and cumin.

I am slightly overcooking the bacon to crumble for baked potatoes- I will freeze this too. The bacon grease will be strained and put in a jar to store in refrigerator to use making tortillas as we love the flavor that the grease adds to the torts(btw I always save the grease)!

My sons will be starting up the grill with gathered mesquite branches to cook up the 9 steaks that we have left...that is dinner, as well as the meat for fajitas for tomorrow.

We also will be drinking orange juice:) gotta love frozen OJ!!!

I then plan on later today making beef stew with vegetables and canning it, I think I should make about 7-10 quarts.

As my day proceeds, I am going to cube the chicken breasts and pack them raw into the canning jars...I think I will only have two to three pints as we have walking chicken so I rarely store much!

I will also be canning two roasts, soup bones broth, pork sausage...and other misc items.

You see prepping is not only for the major disasters that are anticipated but the day to day hum drum mini crises that occur in each of our lives. We need to realize that just because a major crises has not happened that our prepping isn't wasted. We are prepping to live too folks.

I pray you are all well and that you keep your focus on learning the skills to hold you over!

Double Nickel Farm

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Oh, Humblewife! I guess it's like 'when life gives you lemons.....' I'm feeling your pain in regards to your son. It's bad enough when they leave for the military, but to leave to that place is almost unbearable. I have no other words that seem sufficient.
I hope you end up having a good day and can smile at all your jars of security once this day is done!

Humble wife said...

Gen-Il...yes I will have many jars of security after today!!! ty for stopping by:)

WomanWhoRunsWithHorses said...

Well, what kind of preppers would we be if we panicked when faced with a crisis! Like you say, all disasters are not of the weather and economic variety! Good for you on your flexibility (in rearranging you day to handle the crisis) and your enthusiasm and energy to get it all done.

Buffalo wings for breakfast? YUM!!!!

: )

Humble wife said...

HB- you are correct, what kind of preppers would we be??Lol yes breakfast was good for the kids:)!!

Pat from Albuquerque said...

Thanks for your tale on what to do when the frozen food is unfrozen. I will remember that.

Blessings on your son in Afghanistan.

Humble wife said...

Pat- thank you for your kind words- and I am glad that my disaster could be shared as it can be turned into a good thing!

itsadisaster said...

Thanks for sharing your story .. and a big thank you for your son's service and sacrifice. Will keep him (and you guys) in our thoughts and prayers. Stay safe, j (& B)

Humble wife said...

Itsadisaster- thankyou for your kind words, they mean so much more than you even realize.


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