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Saturday, June 26, 2010

We Are in a Depression

Yep, check out these links...
Lots of charts and interesting data here

Recovery, Where?
We are in a Depression now and have been since 2008. A Depression is defined as a 10% contraction in GDP. But for the government borrowing 11% of GDP and spending it, GDP would have contract by at least the same amount borrowed and spent.

Home Sales Plunge...

Please take very seriously the need to prepare for what is coming. Now is the time to learn skills and abilities that will help you and your family. Soon it will be too late.

Truth be told I am confounded as to how the economy has held together so long with such tactics that have been going on, and sometimes wonder- am I just off? No folks- this economy is not sustainable and NOW IS THE TIME.

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Patricia Mathews said...

I've known since the market crashed in September of 2007 that we're in a Depression, but then, I was expecting it. I read "Generations" by Strauss & Howe when it first came out in the early 90s because I am interested in patterns of that sort, and then when their "Fourth Turning" came out, I bought that. It contained a very powerful warning, including the truth that a "Fourth Turning" or "Winter" is when you need all the old classical virtues in order to survive. It was a major wakeup call to me and I have been working hard to cultivate them - faith, hope, charity, prudence, endurance, temperance, and justice ... not to mention taking practical steps - even since.

If I had only one book to recommend along the lines of "What's happening now and what will or may come of it", I'd highly recommend "Fourth Turning." Written well over 10 years ago and dead on the nose.

Humble wife said...

I am going to look this up, Patricia...thank you

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Humblewife, I know how you feel. It's so strange the way we keep plugging along, when we all KNOW the bottom is going to fall out any day now!! We have to resist being lulled into thinking everything is okay.
The book Patricia mentioned sounds interesting!

Humble wife said...

Gen-Il-yep strange for sure...taking some toll on folks!

Dangling Wrangler said...

The graphs are all hooie... where did you get these baloney numbers - out of some GOP master-baiter strategy paper.

This scenario reads like the BP junkshot - all over-the-place with NOT an ounce of correctness!!!

See accurate figures here -

Humble wife said...

Hi Dangling Wrangler- although I appreciate your comment I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty- Wikipedia is not a word anyone with any understanding would link with the word accurate. Anyone with any level of training or lack thereof, can and often links and adds data or information to its sites.

Wiki in any college paper as a cited source would reduce a grade at the very least and more than likely be failed. Wiki is not a reliable news or gathering site.

Now as to a GOP master baiter....phrase ology, I wonder just what your agenda is? Are you 12? If you wish to refer to something as off mark then fine, link it etc, but to reduce the comment with such juvenile wordplay is sad.

Oh and one more thing, this blog as long as I write for it, will be one that is reflective of being a conservator in nature, conservative in belief, and far far far far removed from any and all those of the political elite.

If an empire such as BP is off the charts with the data and spins like something GOP...then tell me why on earth was the senator from Illinois one of if not the highest recipient of $$$ from BP? Oh and that senator is none other than our current president, who like you masters clever word play that shows immaturity, absurdity, and a clear and complete lack of grasping the economic and environmental impact that BP is doing.

Thanks for making me smile, as I did not believe anyone except teens referenced wiki any more.

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