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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Link Fixed

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Patricia Mathews said...

"Treated with" doesn't necessarily mean "Contains". If I remember correctly, they pass the carbon monoxide over the meat to keep it from turning brown in the display case.

As that may be, I bought a pound of local grass-fed ground beef from the food co-op and am reasonably sure it hasn't been subject to this mass-market workaround.

Good for you having a farm!

Humble wife said...

Yes Patricia that is true...but concerning none the less, as we are not seeing the product are we, but a facade.

I am so glad that you as well as many around the nation have the opportunity to buy beef that is untreated or what not. Legislation is impacting us even on the farm on butchering our own beef, and what we take for granted may change...which is worrisome.

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