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Friday, July 9, 2010

What Are You Truly Preparing For?

I have been at times known to write about how one should prepare for any crises. In fact I say that often in post after post. My question today is more direct, more serious.

I am asking for comments.

This question posed is serious and I ask you to share a few paragraphs to explain what you are truly prepping for.

No more molly-coddling.

I am done with a government that is so completely inept. Oops, I meant not to share what I felt until the next post. Oh well, please share your thoughts. I am compiling a major post and need help.

ps...I am continuing my prepping like no other.
The time is at hand.



Patricia Mathews said...

I am prepping for several things. The first and most immediate is the normal slings and arrows of everyday fortune. I store food because I could be snowed in for two weeks and have a bad case of the flu as well. It happened one recent winter, right here in Albuquerque. Power outages happen. Water mains break. And so on. This is common prudence, but it's funny how common prudence sometimes slips through the cracks when you're involved in daily life.

More in another post.

Anonymous said...

This journey started a year ago as a way to improve finances. One blog led to another and I realized the world (U.S.) was not what it seemed.

Improving our quality of living took on another meaning. After learning that the U.S. economy was in dire straights, I read blog after blog trying to learn how to cushion my family from what is coming. I am preparing my family to meet the Lord. And all the events leading up to it. This has been a surreal experience and hard to believe that I did not see all that was happening before I did.

I have the attitude that if I'm preparing for the worst, the little infractions in life will be easier to deal with. Learning to live a more frugal, self sustaining lifestyle has been an adventure that I'm enjoying more and more everyday. I just wish I would have learned this lifestyle 10 years ago.

My goal is to keep us afloat if the economy collapses and to teach my children to be dependent on themselves, not on government or anyone else to bail them out. We are prepping like there is no tomorrow because the time is short. In January, it is rumored that the tax hikes will be unbelievable and from what I've read, I think all the sleeping people will be awaken.

My biggest fear is being homeless, because we still have house pymts and hope through it all well be able to maintain a roof over our heads.

Sorry this is so long and I hope this was helpful and good luck with your post.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Humblewife, Well, homesteading brings about prepping, I think, so it all started years ago with that desire to be more self-reliant, to take care of ourselves. First off, we prep for short-term emergencies: power outages, being snowed in, job strike, injury. Secondly, we prep for a SHTF scenario. The US economy, govt control, job loss. Never knowing what could come--or having a long-term and short-term problem at one time--makes us prep like crazy! Looking forward to your post!

Patricia Mathews said...

The second thing I am prepping for is the recession, which is, of course, already underway. I am over 70 and was raised on tales of the Great Depression, especially from my teachers. I remember thinking how foolish the people of the late 20s were, not to pay their debts and get things in order when the economy was visibly going crazy.

Then when it started to go crazy again in the 90s, I remembered my old resolve. Even though I felt like a fool, when I had a chance to pay off my mortgage, I did so. IIRC, my mortgage company seemed to think I was doing a foolish thing as well, but it is one of the many things I have done right.

I did many other smaller things, just in case, because I was morally certain that a crash was ahead; I didn't know how far, but it never hurts to be prudent.

On the other hand, right after World War II, Robert Heinlein published a series of articles urging Americans to turn survivalist because he thought WWIII - with the Soviets - was very likely. I think what he failed to realize was that they were as war-weary as we were and in no shape to take direct action; nor were they suicidally stupid. Evil, but not stupid. And anyone who had taken HIM seriously would have wasted 60 years of good living and waiting for something that wasn't about to happen! And life would pass them by.

Then I read "Fourth Turning" in the late 90s. The authors had codified - and proved to me - what I had already suspected about the times we were in. So, finally, it was time to take that old advice. Mr. Heinlein's problem wasn't the advice, it was his timing.

c said...

Growing up I remember my grandmothers were always careful not to waste anything. They had lived througth the depression and raised their families during that time. And by the time I was a child they were thankful for what they had and that they could save a bit for a rainy day. And save they did. They saved money, food, things that are used every day. The reused and repurposed things. They did not have to do this but they saw that it was better to use a thing till it was worn out than to get something new just because they could. It was a moral issue as much as financial. So their example taught me. And when my family was short money, we could go into our pantry and make meals from what we had because I had learned to save, reuse and repurpose and enjoy life lived but with respect to what God and this earth gave us.
There is a peace that comes from knowing that you can manage without a paycheck for a while. There is a quality of life that we get from having respect for what we have. There is a joy that comes with living within our means and still finding fun with family and friends.
Being prepared is just normal to me. It is just logical and sensible. It is part of how each day and month are lived. But I also prepare for emergencies of the usual kinds.
Quite frankly I am having trouble wrapping my mind around all that I have been seeing and hearing the last couple of years. I have seen the dots but they were just dots. It is only lately that I have been connecting them and they scare the hell out of me (pardon my language). They also sadden me. It is from greed that some seek to destroy the greatest nation on earth and to enslave it's citizens, the most free people who ever lived. But they forget that we are a nation under God. And it for this emergency I have started with a new and different pantry. This one is being stocked full of prayers and fasting and sacrifices because if the people of the bible could avert destruction of their nation or city in this way, so can we. So if you believe, stock the pantry of prayer, fasting and sacrifice. Be good. Be very very good because it takes much light to displace much evil. This is my weapon and my pantry and I plan to keep filling it up until they are defeated.

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