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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Using Your Food Storage: Challenge

Can you serve gourmet foods from your food storage? I challenged myself to make a nutritious meal with items from the home that both the teens and adults would enjoy. It is extremely important to know how to use all the items in your food storage and it is a bonus to be able to create delicious meals at the same time!

1. Flour, sugar, yeast, olive oil, water, salt
2. 1 gallon goat milk, rennet tablet
3. fresh spinach
4. tomato sauce, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, onion salt

1. makes a basic pizza crust
2. makes fresh goat cheese
3. shredded is a perfect topping
4. makes a pizza sauce
This is the finished product. A lovely pizza that was delicious and nutritious for minimal effort and maximum delight to all.

In stockpiling and prepping one sometimes forgets that life continues even in stressful situations, and that comfort items have and will always make the difference for the morale of the group. Please remember that the mental well being is very important, especially for the children, so take the time to compile recipes and store items in your pantry that will allow you to have a gourmet meal in mere minutes.*

* the cheese was made the night before- the pizza crust and fixing's were only minutes to prepare.

Here is the recipe I use to make pizza's.

Here is how I made the goat cheese.
I met an old man who also raises goats and he told me this way, and it is so easy...
~rennet tablet(can buy Junket tablets which are usually near the pudding in the grocery)
~1 gallon of goat milk
Boil the milk to 190 degrees F. Let cool to 90-100F, add rennet tablet, stir. Let sit for several minutes until the cheese starts to form curds. Place in cheesecloth bag, hang over bowl to allow for the moisture to drip(this is whey- save for other cheeses, etc) Let hang overnight cheese is ready the next morn(about 8 hours draining.)

Here is where I get the farm fresh spinach:
Have fun challenging yourself to use and rotate the items in your food storage. It is wonderful when the rotation is not a chore but a fun challenge to keep everyone content!
(c) Double Nickel Farm


Anonymous said...

Pizza looks great Jennifer. I like spinach pizza.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Kymber said...

just great...now you've got me wanting pizza for breakfast - bahahaha!
the pizza looks delicious - but not near as delicious as a tire full of spinach - mmmm - yummy!!!!

excellent post Jen! it is sooo important to not only be able to use the items in your food storage - but to be able to make enjoyable meals!!!

Candace said...

Hi Jennifer,
I have always been afraid to use tires- do you think they leach anything into the soil?

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