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Monday, June 1, 2009

Why Not Raise Your Own?

In my previous post I shared why we raise goats. As times continue to look less and less positive, it is a comfort as a prepper to know where much of my food comes from. When we originally began life on our farm, we wanted to raise animals to reduce costs, and eliminate all the hormones etc, added to everything.

We traded labor for 2 Black Spanish hens and found the tom on Craigs*list. So we began our flock of turkeys and have been excited ever since, as turkeys are huge compared to chickens and of course are yummy.

Here is our Tom in front of a Dominique rooster.
Turkeys are pretty neat creatures to raise as they are vibrant and plain all at once. As you see below the tom with the hen. The kids named the tom Krut which is turk spelled backwards. They have no problem with eating him, as he looks so full and well like Thanksgiving every day! We had 2 successful hatched eggs this year. Neither of the Black Spanish hens would set on the eggs, so we quickly switched the eggs under another turkey that we have- which is a midget turkey. She has been amazing as she set on 9 eggs and Black Spanish turkeys hatched and three chicken eggs hatched. The chickens that she hatched were a bonus as we ordered chicks this year from McMurray Hatchery.

See the Black Spanish Turkey? Here is a picture of Turk the hen that was our setter this year. It is so important to promote hens that set on nests. I have read how the commercial hatchery's are trying to breed this trait out of the hens. It is a sorry state, but everything in the world seems to be about the money. By having a setter you can carefully breed the lines you wish and increase your flock without having to rely on indoor incubator. As a prepper it is vital to be able to increase your flocks if McMurray Hatchery or others no longer are in commission.

Here is Turk last fall. You can see one of our simple perches that I made to resemble the southwest ladders!! Easy and free. Turk was a rescue from a young woman we know. Her dogs cornered Turk in her backyard and she saved her and gave her to us. It is amazing how our little farm has increased even though we live by the motto "low cost no cost".

Don't forget in addition to feed, that turkeys love the slops(leftover foods from your table). Our turkeys love rice of all things. The key to all the animals or birds that you may raise is one thing. Keep the pens and houses clean. It is amazing how simple this concept is and yet many neglect.

By the way the two hatched Black Spanish turkeys...one is a male and one is a female!! So we have a few options for food storage. Another important factor when raising specialty birds is that the feathers are a commodity too. Native Americans buy the feathers as well as crafters, so gather any that are around the pen and look on line. You will find someone that will buy them. In New Mexico the feathers sell for around $2.00 a piece!

Don't underestimate live things in your stockpiling and prepping. If you have any questions and wish to ask me privately I have added my email to the side bar. Have a wonderful day!
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Anonymous said...

First, thanks for adding your email in the sidebar. Second, great post. I love hearing about all the prepper's farms. Those turkeys look yummy...

Kentucky Preppers Network

Humble wife said...

Matthiasj- I have been thinking about making this more my own as I have been the NM prep for a few months, and have been dragging my feet. So I finally am working to make this a more personal blog...even though we are preppers I wish to make visitors connect and understand that this is possible for all.

Oh and yes we agree as to the yummy factor!!

Bullseye said...

I have thought about raising turkeys here at my place but we have so many wild turkeys around I'm not sure if it would be worth my time and effort. I could take one at anytime I need one. Now that I think about it that may not be the case when it hits the fan. Maybe better rethink that one. LOL As for your mention of a giveaway, if it's free and fun, that makes it great no matter the prize. Thanks for taking time to enter mine and good luck.

Code Name "Bullseye"

erniesjourney said...

The turkeys are so much fun too - they have neat personalities and give me a laugh daily - well worth it! It is comforting to know too that we will have food when needed - self-sustaining!

Kymber said...

dang....wish i could get me some turkeys - they sure do look sweet, fun and yummy!

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