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Monday, July 13, 2009

Food Challenge: Simple Savings

Probably most readers have had breakfast for dinner. On the farm, we have breakfast for dinner at least twice a month because I have plenty of eggs to do so.Canned cinnamon applesauce-free apples I canned. Scrambled eggs- free. Stack of pancakes-15 cents. Sausage- 59 cents(on sale). Canned apple syrup-free. Homemade syrup- 6 cents.
total-80 cents to feed a family of five

This is such an easy meal to make and it is so delicious. When I canned applesauce this past spring, I had leftover syrup from the canning, and decided to can it too. This was such an incredible idea, as we love how tasty it is on the pancakes.

Meals from scratch are less costly and less preservative filled. With the economy being sabotaged the way it is, I wholeheartedly suggest getting back to basics.


Anonymous said...

Apple syrup sounds delicious. I'm scratching my head on the leftover syrup from the applesauce. Would love to see your recipe posted, unless its a family secret. From scratch recipes; no preservatives-The Best!


Anonymous said...

That looks delicious! You're making me hungry!

Kentucky Preppers Network

Humble wife said...

Shelly I make a chunky applesauce and make a light syrup with h20 and sugar. My kids do not like the smooth sauce! Funny when they were babies it was reversed. So when I can applesauce(chunkY) I have a batch of apple syrup(the h20 and sugar- waiting). When i finished canning i had one half quart left of apples. I boiled these apples in the syrup and strained out the apples and then canned the syrup...make sense? We love it and I will do this from now on!

Humble wife said...

Matt breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite meals!

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