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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Update on the Farm and Many Thanks

~A quick update about my farm and the flooding that happened:
We have hauled off much that probably needed to be hauled off anyway, and have begun in earnest repairing what needs repaired. All is going well, except that the humidity is unusual and overbearing for the desert! You preppers that deal with humidity daily- well YOU are very tough!!

I am offering a heart felt thanks to American Prepper and all preppers as your kindness and friendship has been humbling. I knew that being a part of this movement was something, but I now confess to you that it is really more. It is a micro community among the larger community, and instead of locale or family that binds us, it is our directive of preparing for any and all that may come our way.

Our farm, although humble, is a beacon for those of you that may head this way. As we have no idea as a collective group of what will happen we all are hunkered down where we are- so remember this, each one of us may have the knowledge and skills that will bring the rest of us through. As I homeschool my kids, I thought of a book we read a few years ago, about Harriet Tubman. She was a runaway slave who repeatedly put herself in harms way to lead others to freedom. I think that this prepper network is in fact on that same scale. We are leading others to the freedom of relying on self and taking care of our own.(I learned that it is ok to receive- although this was emotional) We are there positioned in strategic places all over the US and Canada. We are on board to the awareness that times are indeed changing so quickly that what we call home today may not be tomorrow.

As frightening as that thought may become, I am comforted that I have so many rail stops along the way(to borrow from the Underground Railroad). I also wish to reiterate that the farm is a stopping place too!!

Thanks so much from the Double Nickel Farm family
Bill and Jennifer(and our children)


Anonymous said...

Glad you guys are getting things back in order Jennifer!

Kentucky Preppers Network

Kymber said...

i love the reference to the Underground Railroad - that IS what these Preppers Networks are and thank goodness that American Prepper set this thing up!

you have been such a beacon of hope for us up in Canada with your willingness to help out at the CPN, your willingness to devote your time and share your experiences - i am so glad to hear that after that flash-flooding that you and your family and farm are doing well!

yours is a quintessential prepper family, Jennifer, with you leading the way - i am so glad that you are all part of this network!!!


Humble wife said...

Matt- Yes things are slowly coming back to order!

Kymber- you are too sweet. Thank you!

American Prepper said...

Glad you guys are recovering from the flood..And many thanks to you for your contribution to the network.

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