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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sick ---Unbelievably Sick---Health Care ---

I have been under the radar for the most part in the blog world as I have been following several things that make me physically sick.

All I am reflecting on now is this FINES proposed.

We live this life because it is where we landed post crisis. We are doing just fine and have stretched money like no other.

I have learned how to make shampoo...not because I wanted to have some in a end of the world scenario, but because I could not rush out to buy shampoo. I learned how to make deodorant for the same reason...and I have teens(deodorant is a needed commodity). I learned how to make cheese, because I love pizza...and missed it.

I learned how to make skirts, not because I only wear skirts, but I then have new clothing for almost nothing(combining this with the thrift store purchases). I learned how to make dish scrubbies, as I could no longer throw out old ones. I learned how to hand wash clothes and hang them to dry, as the washer and dryer use too much energy and well, died. I learned how to butcher a chicken, not because I am wanting only free range chicken...no it is because then we eat chicken. I learn to augment our diet with eggs to ensure teens have protein...not because I am a health nut no...because if I don't some days we are light on meat.

We sometimes play brownout days to reduce the electric bill. Life becomes a game to make things cheerful instead of gloomy.

We processed 47,500 apples to bring home extra money...all by hand and it takes on average 154 apples per box that you see in the grocery. This work is manual labor...and I am stronger for it, but we were paid .50 a box- you do the math. One does work like this because they need to.

So now I will tell you why I am SICK...If I could afford an additional 3600 a year my family WOULD have medical insurance. We can't therefore we don't have insurance. Now don't you go off and judge us. We have only gone to the doctor when extreme needs, and we paid off each visit in payments. In a catastrophic crisis- well let me humor you, just because you have coverage DOES NOT mean you will retain it in a major illness. I know far too many who lost it because of this...so

Forcing me to pay a fine, will put me or my husband in jail. We cannot afford an additional 4000.00 debt. By the way we had top notch medical insurance a few years ago...when my husband was injured we had the option for Cobra...one cannot get Cobra when the income is cut drastically.

I am and have been out of sorts because the legislation that is ongoing is scaring the he*l out of me. I no longer recognize my nation. By the way the solution IS NOT UNIVERSAL HEALTH COVERAGE...

Will I blog much longer? I am losing my energy. I am trying to be upbeat, but wonder which parent will they charge when we do not get health coverage? The mother? The father? Why on earth is this something I have to worry about is beyond me. I work so hard to make sure our family is above water...only to feel the vise above my head.

Where is my refuge? Where is the nation in the world that has open arms and says to me

"Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

I am tired, I am poor and I am yearning to breathe ...which nation can take me in, when my own nation fails? Who in the world can do what our nation has done for so long?

No one and that is why I am weary.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry for your disillusionment. You are not alone. Our country is in a bad place right now and it is hard to see into the future. All I can say is they will need to build lots of jails, because not many people will be able to pay that bill. The American people are not going to let innocent people with meager means go to jail due to inability to pay for health insurance. There would be chaos everywhere.

I'm probably in an odd mood, but as I was reading your blog, the first thing I thought of was people vacation to places like yours because of the respect they have for people living off the grid as you do. You have accomplished so much and really have so much more than many people will ever have. Making deodorant, dish soap, sewing, etc... Many of us preppers could only hope to learn as much. You are very rich and be proud of those apples!!!-Shelly

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Humblewife, I'm not sure what to say. That was a beautiful picture of you heart opened up for us and I feel like any words I say would be 'blah'. Know that others are feeling as exhausted (at least mentally) as you. God bless. (And, yes, you should feel proud for those apples and all you're doing.)

Patricia Mathews said...

As I understand it, there will be a hardship exemption that is very broad - enough to exempt 95% of the self-employed, if I heard correctly. I sincerely hope this is true.

American Prepper said...

I say bring it on....I have health coverage right now because I can afford it, but the second this damn law passes, I drop all coverage....So don't worry I got your back on this, when they try to haul you to jail, they'll have to take us as well. The more that resist, the more jails they build, the more jails the build the less this nation will be able to afford the jails....I say the day the law passes we all turn ourselves in simultaniously for every petty stupid law that's ever been passed that any of us have ever broken and overload the entire legal system and force it to it's knees....This is sickening

Anonymous said...

I empathize with every word you have posted. I am certain there are many who cannot afford to pay a fine; in fact, if we could pay a fine we would already use that money for health care.

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