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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wading through the Muck

Many times when we go through life we get bogged down in a world of muck. We believe that we are mobile and headed in the direction we need to go, when in truth we are just in cr*p city. Living as a prepper does not make us immune to this scenario, and in fact may make us more bogged down.

I am not a prepper because American Prepper asked me to be or because any other prepper told me to be one. I am a prepper because I learned that simple measures I had taken had prevented a bad situation from becoming a worse one. I began in earnest to then become even more prepared for any situation because I saw the benefits of being prepared for anything. I did join as a writer here because I know what helped me through can help another.

I am not here on the prepper circuit to make anyone feel that they are a better prepper or even a worse prepper than me. I am not on the prepper circuit to hope others will love me and become my best friend(yet many friendships have blossomed here:).

I am not on the prepper circuit except for one reason...if something life altering can and did happen to me, a suburban wife and mother of four, then it can happen to YOU. I am on a path that may help the readers of this blog out when they truly need it.

Life is not perfect and learning to live with self sufficiency skills will be a benefit. I pray that we as preppers can wade out of the muck long enough to post on topics that will help the readers and our fellow preppers.

Ideas that can benefit us all:
canning food
building pens coops etc
solar power
water purification
what to do in the event of(fill in-tornado etc)
health and healing
hunting and field dressing of animals
raising chickens turkeys ducks goats sheep pigs ...
fuel ideas
safe places in the event of(fill in- after Katrina a safe place would have been a home 200-300 miles inland)
radio uses
and many more

After several weeks of wading through this and that in my own life(from flooding to trip, to this and that) I understand that it is easy to get bogged down and nit pick this and that. I am here to reboot myself and begin anew.

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Anonymous said...

Great post Jennifer. We're all here to help out. Not to show ourselves as superior preppers, but to be an example to others to hopefully get more people prepared.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Great post!

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