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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Now What?

Starting the life of self sufficiency has its challenges. I mean when you begin to provide for yourself, you have an entirely new set of things to learn.

I mean after you bought organic heirloom seeds, planted them, tended to the plants, and then harvested your garden...then what do you do?

To be honest looking at this photo a few years ago would have confused me. Aside from a few things I definitely could not identify any other foods. In fact, the star items would have made me wonder if they were even edible!

Now here is the next step, it is so easy- eat it!
Or preserve it or even store it!
But how? Well I will give two simple recipes for you to use or cater to your own needs. Storing squash is pretty easy, as you can wrap each item in a brown lunch sack and keep it in a cool, dark place. Squash keeps for several months.

Now to Recipe #1
Casserole Anything

Large Zucchini- sliced in thin slices
Ear of corn- scrape the corn off the ear
Small can of cream of celery soup
1 lb of ground beef(browned)
any type of cheese(grated or thinly sliced)

~Mix the first four ingredients in a bowl. Place it in a casserole dish. Bake at 350 F for about 20 minutes. Place cheese on top and bake for another 10 minutes.

This has the word anything in it because that is what casseroles are made of. Please be creative with the foods you grow and enjoy the results.

Recipe #2

What A Crock!
variety of squashes( I used six today)
onion diced
three or so carrots scrubbed and peeled and diced into thin rings
green beans
corn scraped off the cob
1 bouillon cube
1 tsp. cilantro-washed and cut up
2 cloves of garlic minced
1 lb of stew meat

~I put the above ingredients in the crock pot on high for five hours today. Salt and pepper to taste.

It is surprisingly easy to prepare foods that you grow, and I am living proof that anyone can make a lovely meal with these items. Prepping is living a bit of living outside of the box(as if you all don't know this!) We have been conditioned as a society, to eat a certain variety of vegetables. This is most likely because it is easier for the commercial farms to minimize their products that they grow.

This is the same with milk, as many people are shocked to learn that we have goats and that we milk them and use the milk to drink and make cheeses etc. from. Shocked! I used to think this way too, before I moved to our farm.

Become a Prepper requires deprogramming from standards set up by the world.
So readers start your deprogramming today!!
(c)Double Nickel Farm


Kymber said...

Thanks for the awesome recipes! i only did a few squash this year - my first year attempting them - and i found them quite easy! i love home-made squash soup so your crockpot recipe will really come in handy! and as i have a gajillion zucchini (love them!) i will be making Zucchini Casserole Anything for the next several weeks!

Marie said...

Thanks for the recipes--especially because they are basic and easy, besides looking tasty!

erniesjourney said...

Oh so true - thanks for recipes!

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