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Monday, August 17, 2009


First off, when I titled this post Irony, it was an attempt on my part to see through the smoke and laugh. The truth is that the Left- although having control of the Congress and the White House shows its true colors. You see they still have to pander. I am disgusted by the political class and cannot hold back anymore. One wonders why the raffle would be held by the Democrats considering their platform is loaded with tremendous gun control.

I say this: Have the moxie to stand firm in your choice. I could care a less- except the wishy washy- raffle shows me how pathetic the party truly is. If you are against something then stand firm in your dissent. This booth and its raffle show me that the Democrats are willing to say or do anything to get a vote. Remember this if you wish to disagree...I live in a state that it is ILLEGAL to ask for Identification when one votes~ which party supports this??? The Democrats. I am ready to stand tall and begin having my voice heard~once before our nation had to remove itself from under the monarchs and royalty- Now we need to do so again- and the monarchy today are the elected officials. They are exempt from everything and have written laws to legalize the bribery that occurs(lobbyist). We need to push hard to have term limits- just like the office of the president.

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Pat Mathews said...

I thought, rather, that what we have is a difference between the county party, which understands rural realities, and what the city folks in the national party are spouting. Consistency in theory isn't among most people's virtues.

Anonymous said...

We have a lot of pro-gun "conservative" democrats around here. Seems interesting considering the anti-gun rhetoric coming from the party itself.

Kentucky Preppers Network

erniesjourney said...

Rock on sista!!

Catman said...

Well, with the way many Democrats are turning against Obama, maybe they're hoping to get Biden into office somehow.....

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