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Friday, August 7, 2009

Turn on the Radio...

"Turn on the radio, who do you hear? Elvis Presley doing a cheer!"
Okay I admit it, New Mexico has some pretty powerful solar radiation which causes its residents to become a bit loopy!

The real reason for this post is that the prep world is once again hitting the airwaves(via blogradio) and participating in James Stevens' Family Preparedness Guide Radio Show on blog talk radio.

Please tune in at 2:00pm/EST and listen to Phelan (Kansas Preppers Network), Prepared in TN (Tennessee Preppers Network), Ernie (Indiana Preppers Network) and Kymber(Canadian Preppers). You can listen to the show live and call in with your questions (347-326-9604), or you can download the show later using this link.


Kymber said...

Thanks Jen - i really appreciate it!

Felinae said...

I'm going to have Catman download it for me so that I can listen when I get home from work. :D

It'll be kind of neat putting a voice to the log-in names.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hey, good to hear YOUR voice, too!

soldierman57 said...

SO JEN ...WHATS WRONG WITH ELVIS ?????? you girls were great!!!!! no ifs and about it!!!

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