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Monday, August 10, 2009

Trying To Find Like Minded Folks?

As I prep to haul items off to the county fair, I came up with a brainstorm moment! The county fair is filled with many who can and preserve and grow gardens and raise animals- they are halfway if not further on the path of self-reliance and therefore could be a prepper.

These people may be ones who can become co-contributors to your local state prep site! I will be looking for others who sense the need to prep and talk to them about the prepper movement. I thought I would share this idea to you all!


Anonymous said...

Some New Mexico Preppers Network business cards would be good to hand out...

Kentucky Preppers Network

Anonymous said...

just be careful who you have the business card to... don't want unwelcome visitors who want your food to know where to come get it when things get rough(er).

Humble wife said...

Oh that is a good tip...Matt! I am most certain that no address etc would be on any cards if I make them!

Kymber said...

Jennifer - great idea and Matt's just goes hand in hand with yours. i guess it's like they say "great minds think alike!"

anyway - off to STEAL both of your ideas and get me some CPN business cards to hand out at the Farmer's Markets....teehee!

Thanks guys!

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