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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Window

After rereading my last post I realized that I need to focus on the positive. It has been weird to see the government remove controls slowly but surely over every area of my life. But I cannot change what is going on, my voice isn't even a squeak, as those who take care of themselves and choose not to receive assistance are treated as if they are too ignorant to know any better. Perhaps I am an idiot, but in my little carved out portion of the world idiot is just fine. I have an entire mountain chain that I renamed just for me. No map reflects the name I have given my mountain but it is mine none the less. The picture on the sidebar is my mountain, and I am looking off to it as I type this post!

I decided that I needed to be open and clear to others wondering about preppers and fellow preppers. Prepping like everything else is only what you make of it. Some people prep for fun, and enjoy canning items they have grown, and the likes. Others prep because they have lived through an emergency or crisis that opened their eyes, so they devote a portion of their free time, learning new skills that can help them. Others had no clue they were prepping, this is just how they live.

I am a bit of all three, but am living this lifestyle as it is who I am. So over the next few posts I am going to share a window into a Day in the Life of a Prepper. Shelly left a comment that made me realize that maybe others are interested in the day to day events of one who lives this life.

I will open a window into my life for a wee bit- stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait Jennifer!

Kentucky Preppers Network

Kymber said...

please Jennifer...please!
there are those of us out there who were raised incredibly poor (my father was a coal-miner) and although we remember the lessons of what we learned growing up - we can't remember the specifics...like how to make shampoo or wash and dry our own clothes. but remember - we see people like you take on the definition of idiot - and we are proud to stand in the ranks with you! so please ---- please share your knowledge! imagine if you only help one family Jennifer? wouldn't that be worth all of the pain?

teehee - i already know your answer! and i already know that you can save at least one sheeple with your information...and you can save us while you're saving them! Lead on Jennifer - i know that the way isn't pleasant, i know that it is full of pot-holes -- but darlin, you have been there and you have been there only so that you can lead the way! so Lead Jennifer...please!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Yay! Looking forward to it!

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