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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Living the Simple Life Tips Part 1

Slowing down on Double Nickel and enjoying the views

1. Stop spending money
I write this often. Have you decided that today is the day that you can do this? There is no prep item as important as using your common sense. We must learn that a large portion of the economic crisis is due to off the chart out of control spending that we do in this nation.

2. Challenge yourself to learn one skill this month
Prepping is not about accumulating items. It is about learning how to survive or come through a situation or crises. The more skills you have the better you will fare in any crises. Ideas? Basic first aid, canning fruits and vegetables, making cheese, making bread, changing a tire, changing oil in your vehicle, sew a blanket by hand, make shampoo, make soap, make candles, butcher a chicken-get the idea?
3. Slow down
Slow down. Sit on your front or back porch and just breathe. Take in the sounds, sights and smells of your home, neighborhood, and surroundings. This is so critical to learn. Many people have been pushed and get impatient when doing nothing. Newsflash- your body needs to rest. Sleep is not real rest in America. So take the time to slow down today.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Jen, those are all great tips. People would be much happier if they tried all 3 of them. Referring to #3, I'd say there's a blessing to boredom!

Patricia Mathews said...

I so liked this column that I sent the link to an out of state friend. I am decidedly trying to do all three things, but end up being rushed anyway. Sigh.

One place where my spending has increased, though, and it has a truly urgent feel to it ---

Donations of goods when my church sends out a call that St. Martin's Hospitality House or The Storehouse is in need of something --

And on the few occasions when I eat out, I'm a lot more lavish with the tips, because I know waiters are paid very little and are taxed on what the IRS thinks they are getting, not what they're really getting. Which isn't much in the economy places I eat at.

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