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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Living the Simple Life Tips Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous post. Please understand that prepping or living a prepper's lifestyle is not all about hurry up and rush around like a chicken with its head cut off. Prepper's must be able to assess each situation that is cast our way, and if we are too busy we may miss specific signs or cues that we need. So here are a few more tips on living the simple life.

Change your menu for the next month. Make 14 recipes (or seven if you can) and repeat it twice. Stick to the menu, and use fresh or homemade as much as possible. Do not make more than you will eat, and if everyone has a smaller portion that is okay. Make notes on your measurements so you can finagle them to make more or less as you eat the meals. Perhaps it was not Julia Childs, but someone earlier, no matter- somewhere along the way, we decided that we showed our wealth and how Cosmopolitan we were by serving so many diverse, complicated recipes. Take a break...If you still desire to dabble in diverse cuisine, then take one day a month and do what we do on the farm. I call this day: Where in the World, and I create a menu and background about the food we will be eating. Be creative! Oh and you do not need small children to do this as it is fun for all.

Go computer free one day a week. Actually, when trying to slow down, this is a good way, as it is very easy to get caught up in the momentum of surfing the Internet and losing track of the time. I bet you have projects all around your house that need tending to. In fact, I bet you have friends, neighbors, and family that would be surprised if you sent them a letter(snail mail) as none of us has done this one very much since e-mail!!

The whole idea of Living the Simple Life has nothing to do with living a less than American lifestyle. It means that one Living the Simple Life is prepared for the worst, but lives each day expecting the best.

p.s. This is how I live every day!

photo credit: taken by me! It is almost the direct backside of the mountain I look at each morning! Pretty amazing isn't it?


Kymber said...

oh! that photo is amazing!!! and sooo green!!! my backyard is full of snow and it is snowing right now - but it is really pretty and wintery!!!

back to your post - i loved the last one and this one. i also love the idea "Where in the World" - i might be stealing that one - bahahaha!

your steps on living the simple life are excellent suggestions on how we can simplify and yet end up living more fuller lives!

thanks for all of the tips Jen!!!

Humble wife said...

Heya Kymber!

I am glad that it may inspire you! Life is so much easier when we remove the fast paced pressures...

btw we are having where in the world Sunday(and are having Pennsylvania Dutch fare!

Kymber said...

i MUST know what you are serving!!! and i will need recipes too!

those Pennsylvania Dutch are some of the smartest people who ever walked the planet!!!!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

When your page first came up, my first thought was, "What a gorgeous picture!" I can't believe you look at that every day. I'd never move away from the window! Too beautiful!

Great tips, again. Yes, the computer can be overwhelming. I try to keep it to a minimum during the week and then on one day (usually Friday) I'll go to all the extra sights I want to see. That's when I'll ususally go through the whole list of prepper blogs, like I'm doing now! So, instead of one day off computer, I spend shorter days on and one LONG day on.

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